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3 min readApr 17


Top 3 Ways to Keep Your Redemption Area Faced

Spring is a great time to make sure you have the best products in your redemption area. You know, the products that drive game play and enhance customer experience. Gone are the days of neatly themed sections with tightly aligned products spaced out perfectly. How do you keep your redemption area looking so fresh and so clean-clean?

I tell ya, we want to empower you to get back to the basics of product display management and overcome the clutter.


A couple nights of different employees running the counter and suddenly things start looking a little off. We recommend creating a simple checklist for employees to look at when starting a shift. It should sum up how to manage the space. Here’s an example:

  • All hanging toys need to be pulled to the front of the peg at the top of each hour.
  • If something sells out, move half the items next to it onto the empty peg. Be sure the toy you are replacing it with has a similar ticket amount.
  • The redemption area is divided into sections. Each section is themed. Please keep toys within their themes. See the plan-o-gram by the counter if you need help.

Something as simple as a 3-point checklist and a plan-o-gram will go a long way in helping staff understand the look you’re trying to maintain during a busy night.


If you order Storyboards, at some point in the month you may try to re-order an item and it’s out-of-stock or discontinued. Redemption Plus takes things into consideration when creating our Storyboards. Things like the number of centers ordering a product, how quickly the product “moves” off shelves, and if the item is seasonal or not — to name a few.

When you are trying to fill an empty spot in your Storyboard, here are two tips to help you maintain high-quality merchandising: category and size. Yes, ticket values count, but picking items based purely on ticket values is an ingredient to the 30-Day Decline.

To find an item with the same category on our site (on the left side of our website) and then look at the size of the product.

For example, if we were to happen to run out of the Giant Flamingo Float (320489) in the Sun’s Out Fun’s Out Storyboard, you could replace this with the Giant Balloon Animal Float (320786).


You may notice throughout the month the pegs get further and further apart. This typically occurs when you have staff members who are replacing items that aren’t of similar size and just trying to make it work on the fly. They get an A for improvising, but it’s not quite cutting it long-term. Post a plan-o-gram somewhere where they can see it as an example of what your wall is supposed to look like. Even if the items have changed, there’s a road map present to help them get “back to the basics” of retail merchandising.

Moral of the story:

You wear a lot of hats and can’t be everywhere all the time. We get it. But during a busy season, it’s imperative to empower your staff with all the know-how to ensure a redemption wall that works just as hard as you do.

As always, we’re here to help! Simply reach out to your Account Executive or Account Manager to ask for a Virtual Counterset after Spring Break is over.