Smarties® Are Smart For Halloween

Make your Halloween not-so-scary

Did you know this fun candy dates back to 1949? Edward “Eddie” Dee brought his family from England to New Jersey. Equipped with only two machines in a rented facility, he succeeded in founding Ce De Candy, Inc., makers of Smarties®. The popular candy company jets out approximately 1 billion rolls of Smarties annually in America alone!

The Smarties Candy Company operates two factories that produce smarties 24 hours a day for five days a week, amounting to over 700,000 pounds per day.

Another fun fact, each of the six colors of candy tablets has its own unique flavor. White = Orange/Cream, Yellow = Pineapple, Pink = Cherry, Green = Strawberry, Purple = Grape, and Orange = Orange.

Smarties® are gluten-free, peanut-free, and dairy-free, which makes them a safe (but scrumptious) option for your guests with food allergies. What’s even better? This candy doesn’t melt in your pockets or in the hot sun.

As a licensed candy option, Smarties® will add a higher-perceived value to your candy offerings. You know you need candy in your redemption program this time of year, so why not be smart and stock up on Smarties®?

Work smarter, not harder

We’ve got lots of Smarties® items to include in your redemption program. Since candy is one of the more economical prizes to offer to your guests, you can incorporate this popular sweet with little risk. Here are four Smarties® to try out in your redemption program.

#1 | Smarties® 3 Tablet Pouch Bulk Asmt. (308438)

These Smarties® pouches come with, you guessed it, a variety of three Smarties® flavors. Our suggested ticket value is 5 tickets, which makes it appealing to the Impulse Redemption Range players.

At a low ticket value, this item also works as a way to round-out a redemption trip for guests who only have a few tickets left over after cashing in for a higher-ticketed desired prize. These little sweets come in a case of 3000.

#2 | Smarties® Sucker Bulk (316300)

As a non-traditional form of Smarties®, these suckers will keep your guests coming back for more! Each pop offers two flavors, and there are two combinations to choose from.

These lollipops are a classic childhood treat. Everyone will delight in their favorite Smarties® flavors in a fun and transportable pop! We suggest you set these suckers at 15 tickets a piece. As another Smarties® favorite, the pops come in cases of 2000.

#3 | Smarties® Mega Double Lollies (312758)

For those who want to take their Smarties® sucker game to the next level, these mega lollies are for them. Each pop has two flavors and there are two flavor combinations to choose from. Two colors times two flavors = four times the fun!

The Smarties® Mega Double Lollies have an extra layer of convenience added to them, as they come in their own self-display box. They will work perfectly on a shelf in any candy area of your redemption wall. Our standard ticket value for this prize is 45 tickets.

Since the lollies come in their own box, you have the option of ordering by the inner (60 pcs.) or the case (360 pcs.).

#4 | Giant Smarties® Rolls Asmt (312759)

Ah, a JUMBO twist on a classic candy. These are the giant version of Smarties® colorful candy wafers come in 6 assorted colors and flavors. Can you name them all by now? Keep them with you for the perfect treat anytime, anywhere. No need to worry about a mess in the heat- they won’t melt!

Incorporate both a Smarties® theme and a jumbo theme into your redemption program with the giant Smarties®. These also come in a self-display box and would look great on a candy shelf next to the mega lollies. They come in 36/inner or 576/case. Set this candy item at 35 tickets for optimal redemption.

Stay tuned in the coming weeks for more ways to incorporate Halloween into your redemption program and other attractions at your center. The big day is almost a month away and now is the time to start spookifying your business.

If you’re looking to re-do your candy strategy altogether, our Sweet Tooth Storyboard is the perfect place to start. If you’re interested in ordering the Sweet Tooth Storyboard, or any of our other Storyboards, give us a call and we’ll get you set up! 👍

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