Sweet Tooth

Satisfy the hankering for a sweeter redemption program

Halloween is coming. Ghosts and goblins will soon be raiding neighborhoods everywhere, Jack O’ Lanterns will be lighting up the night, and dentists are gearing up for the busiest season of the year.

According to Google Trends, searches for “candy” reaches peak popularity (jumping by 25 percent) between September 25 and October 31. Everyone has candy on their minds this time of year and it’s important you can satisfy their sweets cravings while they visit your facility.

Are you ready for the sugar rush?

Americans are expected to spend over $9 billion dollars on merchandise related to the spooky holiday. This includes costumes, decorations and — you guessed it — candy, with an expected $2.7 billion expected to be spent, respectively!

Curious which candy is most popular in your state? We’ve got you covered! Wanting to know how to include Halloween promotions in your center? Click here. Wondering how to make your redemption program a little sweeter? Keep reading…

Not being prepared for the sugar rush is a nightmare — but we’re here to turn those frightful visions into sweet dreams

*Introducing* our Sweet Tooth Storyboard: A seamless way to incorporate the most desired fall prize into your redemption program. As a full, 4' x 8' Storyboard, it will fit nicely next to any of our other sectioned merchandise layouts.

There are 27 items in this Storyboard with sugary prizes for all player types. It’s heavy on the Trader redemption range with 44 percent of items falling within the 250–1250 ticket range. The ticket values range from 80–9000 in this Storyboard, with the average value being 1420.

The Sweet Tooth Storyboard includes JUMBO candy items (that should sound familiar), classic candy items and trendy licensed options like the PEZ® Marvel® Dispenser Asmt.

Here’s the full list of items in the Sweet Tooth Storyboard:

  • 313220: Retro Series™ Snow Cone Machine
  • 317737: Giant NERDS® Strawberry Grape 13in
  • 319682: Teeny Lollipops 1.5in Asmt
  • 318118: Twister Pop Sucker 9in Asmt with Display
  • 309373: Tootsie Roll® Bank
  • 318121: Crystal Sour Candy Tube 6in Asmt
  • 318120: Formula Sour Liquid Candy Tube 6in Asmt
  • 319281: Giant Chewy SWEETARTS® 1.5oz
  • 316305: PEZ® Marvel® Dispenser Asmt
  • 320328: Radz® Skate Candy Dispenser Asmt
  • 319839: Jumbo PIXY STIX® 15.25in Asmt
  • 319832: PEZ® Star Wars™ Dispenser Asmt
  • 320281: Giant Blow Pop
  • 320282: Giant Tootsie Pop
  • 320280: Giant Sour Patch Kids Box
  • 320014: PEZ® Emojis Dispenser Asmt
  • 320119: PEZ® Trolls Dispenser Asmt
  • 313218: Retro Series™ Carnival Cotton Candy Maker
  • 320325: Junk Food Plush 8.5in Asmt
  • 311687: Dubble Bubble® Gumball Bank with Gum
  • 320505: PEZ® Nintendo® Dispenser Asmt
  • 320504: PEZ® DC SuperHero Girls™ Dispenser Asmt
  • 318399: Jelly Belly® Flip Top Box 1oz
  • 320303: BeanBoozled® Jelly Beans Flip Top Box
  • 319280: NERDS® Rope 0.92oz Very Berry
  • 320095: Radz® My Little Pony Candy™ Dispenser Asmt
  • 318117: Rock Crystal Candy Sticks 6.5in 36ct Tub Asmt
  • 318544: PEZ® TMNT™ Dispenser Asmt

Halloween Headquarters

Stay tuned in the coming weeks for more ways to incorporate Halloween into your redemption program and other attractions at your center. The big day is almost a month away and now is the time to start spookifying your business.

Our Sweet Tooth Storyboard is the perfect place to start. To learn about other Storyboards we offer, click here! If you’re interested in ordering the Sweet Tooth Storyboard, or wondering what Storyboard it might look best next to, give us a call and we’ll get you set up! 👍

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