The Scariest of September Scaries

How your brand can help you navigate the storm

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Sep 2, 2020 · 4 min read
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Each year, about this time, we write about how your business can survive the slow time of September. This is usually the time when kids go back to school, families' schedules fill up, and the weather starts to become enjoyable again (meaning people don’t want to go inside to an arcade).

This year, you’re fighting those challenges amidst the added bonus of a global pandemic… 😷 So, how do you get through this challenging time? How can you convince customers your center is not only safe but also a good family outing option?

The answer is your brand and the unique value it brings to the marketplace. Here are 4 steps you can take to make your brand work in your favor this fall.

How would your business behave if it were a person? What would its personality traits be? How is it different from your direct and indirect competitors? Take some time to reflect on these questions. Ask your team members their opinions too because they see your business in a unique light. Five personality traits will give you a good place to start.

Apply these personality traits to your external marketing verbiage. This will give your brand a cohesive feel, whether customers are engaging with you through a phone call, on social media, or on your website. You can do this by using a voice and tone that coincides with your brand’s personality.

Voice = What you say // Tone = How you say it

Here are snippets of Redemption Plus’s voice and tone statements to get your thoughts flowing:

  • Redemption Plus’s voice is relatable and customer-centric. It is our priority to provide easy-to-understand information to an audience focused on other business priorities and change-resistant.
  • Redemption Plus’s tone is semi-professional brought to fruition through informal undertones. Our content focuses on how redemption affects the entire ecosystem of a family entertainment business.

An easy place to start with understanding who your audience is digging into your Facebook page data. You can see demographic information such as the average age range and gender ratio of your followers. Go to the “Insights” tab on your profile management options to see this data.

If you have Google Analytics installed on your website, you have access to a gold mine! You can see your website visitors’ interests by going to the Audiences tab, then Interest Overview in your Google Analytics dashboard. This is going to give you a good idea of your audience’s psychographic. You can also see website traffic demographic data in this platform as well (Audiences tab, then Demographics Overview)

Another free tool is Claritas 360 Zip Code Lookup. On this platform, you can enter surrounding zip codes and see demographic data such as average household income and psychographic data like most frequented restaurants.

Now that you know who you are as a business and who your customers are, you can start to find common ground between the two.

Use your brand personality to speak to your customers’ motivations and fears. By using an empathy-first communication strategy, you help customers understand that you’re ready to provide them with a safe entertainment option. After all, many of us have been cooped up for months and need an excuse to get out of the house.

Pretend you are talking to your customers on a 1-to-1 basis. If your brand was personal friends with your customers how would it speak to them? How would it comfort them in knowing your center is safe? Use your brand persona to connect with them and humanize your business.

Communicating your brand in a way that your customer base can connect to will build a unique value and set you apart from your direct and indirect competitors.

If you want to dig in more to your post-COVID marketing strategy, we have a downloadable Comeback Marketing Plan Workbook that will help you define a communications plan.

Using the strengths of your brand to survive the COVID downturn is not a fix-all, but it can help you be the choice over another family entertainment option or business.

How are you weathering the storm of 2020? Let us know how we can help!

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Elevating the Family Entertainment & Bowling Center industry with progressive and innovative best practices for bettering businesses and communities. Also updates from Redemption Plus, learnings included