The Value of a Service Package 🎁

Mike Tipton, VP Sales & Marketing

Empowering your employees to manage your redemption area with confidence can be a challenge. That’s why we are providing service packages that put tools and resources into your staff’s hands to help them lower cost-of-goods and enhance the customer experience.

If you read our Why Automation Doesn’t Work blog we posted a few weeks ago, you know we reviewed and revamped our customer service model. Much like the variation we observed in executing an automated program, we recognize it’s imperative to have your staff fully engaged in all aspects of redemption management.

Avoiding the “30-Day Decline” of busy seasons, having an eye-catching visual merchandising strategy, and creating a way to ensure that redemption management knowledge is passed along when turn-over happens are all at the top of our priority list when it comes to helping your business perform successfully. In order to truly empower you and your staff, we had to come up with new ways for you to access the tools that help achieve those goals. Here’s how our new service model works:

The Redemption Plus customer experience is broken into 3 primary phases: Build, Launch, and Partner. These phases are the foundation of every customer we engage with. It has been for years. However, we’ve added common language around each phase to help you understand where your business is at in the process. And truth be told, it helps us be more organized, too. We can track what customers are in each respective phase, which helps us serve you more effectively and efficiently.


If you don’t already do business with Redemption Plus, you’ll start in the Build phase. We provide you with a brief profile of your business location which includes: recommendations on products, how to display these products in your redemption space, and an opening order estimate.

Throughout our test period of this new model, we have seen the customer portal act as a quick way for new customers to get a better understanding of our product assortments and what to expect cost-wise, whether the business is a brand-new facility or is switching to Redemption Plus.


Once you decide to do business with Redemption Plus, you will then have 3 options for the Launch phase.

1| DIY: Use the recommended planogram (a plan that shows you how to display the product in your space) and product assortment as-is that was provided in the Build phase profile, order your first order, and do-it-yourself.

Or you can choose from these two service level options. One-time fees may apply, so ask your Account Manager:

2 | Advanced Launch: Customers who opt-in for our Advanced Launch service level will receive a handheld tablet pre-loaded with a customer portal. This portal includes a custom planogram, exclusive training video guides for installation (including how-tos on using your specific POS system), visual merchandising, and your installation timeline, among other custom tools for your center and staff. There are even more resources and surprises pre-loaded onto your Redemption Plus tablet, but we can’t give away all the secrets here. 😏

3 | Pro Launch: Customers who opt-in for Pro Launch are opting-in not just for custom planograms, project timelines, and training tools, but they also get our design services as well. If you’re opening a new facility, or you’re ready to remodel your existing redemption and/or game areas, this is your service package!

Optional: On-premise merchandising. A Redemption Plus merchandiser will come to your location, install your product assortment and briefly train your staff.


If you are already doing business with us, then you are in the Partner phase. This phase also comes with 3 service level options:

1 | Keep doing what you’re doing! Order online or by phone and call us when you need assistance. Carry on, Partner! 🤠 No need to fix what isn’t broken.

Or you can choose from these two service level options. Reasonable annual fees may apply, so ask your Account Manager:

2 | Advanced Partner: Customers who opt-in for the Advance Partner service level will get fresh, ongoing training modules via their customer portal throughout the year, set-up on our Rapid Reorder software to help you save time (if you are unfamiliar how Rapid Reorder differs from a fully automated ordering process, see our Why Automation Doesn’t Work blog), and access to exclusive product insights and substitutions before other customers every week.

3 | Pro Partner: Customers who opt-in for the Pro Partner service level will get what’s included in the Advanced Level, plus Quarterly Reporting, and 2 virtual refreshes of your redemption wall and counter every year.

Looking for more?

Learn more about what each phase entails and view pricing information 
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We created this services model to better serve you and help your business achieve its goals in simpler, more effective ways. We’d love to hear your feedback as you begin experiencing the “new” way Redemption Plus does business.

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