Things That Bounce

How the Law of Inertia can add revenue to your business

One of the most basic laws of physics and physicist Isaac Newton’s first law is the Law of Inertia and Mass.

“…An object in motion stays in motion with the same speed and in the same direction unless acted upon by an unbalanced force.” — The Physics Classroom

We love Newton’s first law at Redemption Plus because it applies to one of our favorite categories of toys: Things that Bounce. Did you know the Law of Inertia and Mass is responsible for allowing balls to bounce?

The force of the ball hitting the hard ground puts an equal force back on the ball, causing it to bounce up. This happens because balls are made out of an elastic material like rubber, which means they can be dented or stretched and then return to their normal shape. — ScienceLine

Now that you’ve had a quick science lesson, we’re here to tell you why you need bouncy items in your redemption program.

As one of the most classic forms of toys, balls are a hit for redemption programs. We have a whole category on our website dedicated to bouncy things. The best part is they come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and colors — adding variety into your redemption program and appealing to all types of guests. This increases the perceived value of your options, and therefore, your bottom line.

How to bring “Things That Bounce” to your redemption program:

*Drum roll, please…..* Introducing our Things That Bounce Storyboard.

Things That Bounce offers more sophisticated ball options than just simple rubber bouncy balls, although those are certainly classic, too!

By merchandising these items on the wall and out of typical bins, where the “cheap ticket” items usually are, you allow for guests to feel more accomplished by picking a prize off the wall.

Items on the 4x8 Things that Bounce Storyboard:

  • 319170 Emoji Ball 2.25in
  • 311607 Jumbo Tennis Ball 8.5in
  • 313769 High Bounce Ball 100mm
  • 320518 Radiant Basketball 12in
  • 318827 Neon Soccer Ball 9in Deflated
  • 311710 Tie Dye Puffer Ball 8.5in
  • 311291 Puffer Ball 5in
  • 310042 Flame Foam Football 8in
  • 309464 Foam Football 5in
  • 320517 Mesh Football 16in
  • 320516 Mesh Football 8.5in
  • 315339 Franklin Football w/ Tee
  • 318774 Franklin® Neon Brite® Soccer Ball
  • 318777 Franklin® Neon Soft Spike® Beach Volleyball
  • 318776 Franklin® Grip-Tech® Mini Football
  • 304573 Wilson® NCAA® Basketball
  • 320641 Star Wars™ 6in Balls

The Stars of Things That Bounce

Tie Dye Puffer Balls and Jumbo Tennis Balls are both top-performing items in our Things That Bounce Storyboard and in the balls category, in general.

Why Tie Dye Puffer Balls are so rad:

Top-performing family and bowling entertainment centers that incorporate Tie Dye Puffer Balls have a revenue potential of $6,048 per year for that item. How do we know that? Let’s break it down:

At our standard ticket value of 270 tickets per Tie Dye Puffer Ball, that’s approximately 12,600 tickets a month — or — 151,200 tickets a year. Given that we generally we see FEC & BECs payout 25 tickets to a dollar, we can then easily calculate the revenue potential of Tie Dye Puffer Balls. Revenue per year: [151,200 Tickets] ➗ [25 Tickets per Dollar] = $6,048/year

Why you’ll “love” Jumbo Tennis Balls:

Being in the lower-ticket range, Jumbo Tennis Balls are the perfect items to round out a visit if a guest has left over tickets to spend. They’re bouncy, they’re colorful and they get kids moving. You could even separate storyboard sections with a vertical line of Jumbo Tennis Balls to create a visually appealing merchandise layout in your redemption area.

Top-performing family and bowling entertainment centers that incorporate Jumbo Tennis Balls have a revenue potential of $4,968 per year for that item. Here’s how we calculated:

At our standard ticket value of 450 tickets per Jumbo Tennis Ball, that’s approximately 10,350 tickets a month — or — 124,200 tickets a year. Given that we generally we see FEC & BECs payout 25 tickets to a dollar, we can then easily calculate the revenue potential of Jumbo Tennis Balls. Revenue per year: [124,200 Tickets] ➗ [25 Tickets per Dollar] = $4,968/year

In case you needed more convincing, here are some fun facts about things that bounce:

  • The average rubber ball can retain up to 70 percent of its kinetic energy after hitting a hard surface
  • Five — the world record of tennis balls held in a dogs mouth at a time
  • Provided it doesn’t break, a glass ball will actually bounce higher than a rubber one
  • “When a rubber ball is dropped and hits the ground, the bottom of the rubber ball will become slightly deformed. Since this isn’t the original form of the rubber ball, it will quickly revert back to its original shape, a round sphere. The pressure of the ball snapping back into a round sphere will push against the ground, causing the ball to bounce back up.” — PBS Learning

Maybe you’ve already implemented a “things that bounce” product theme in your redemption program that is timely with spring and motivates kids to get up and play.

If not, we encourage you to check out our 2x4, 4x4 & newly remodeled 4x8 Things that Bounce Storyboards.

You can also visit and view our balls category to see our full list of ball items, or check out for our complete storyboard selection.

This article is by Tabatha Bender, Connection Crusader at Redemption Plus.

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