Ticket Balls Are Here!

If you know anything about crane game economics, you know product selection is crucial to optimizing your revenue. Ticket Balls are the hottest trend to hit crane game item assortments since Knobby Balls. They have a huge play rate because the ROI for the customer is two-fold: the ball itself is a prize guests can play with and it also gives them the opportunity to cash in more tickets at your redemption center.

You’re probably thinking: “Wait... If I’m giving away tickets in addition to a physical prize, how do Ticket Balls help me make money?” Ticket Balls work because the ticket value distribution within each kit is optimized. For instance, one 5-inch kit has 125 balls with a 25-ticket redemption and only one 500-ticket ball. The 500 Ticket Ball is the gameplay driver. You have the potential to lose profit on this one ball but you will make it up with the other ticket amounts.

Sound too good to be true? Our Ticket Ball Profitability Calculator shows you the profit potential for both the 5-inch and 18-inch options. The calculator also takes into account your crane payout settings, cost per ball, your redemption currency exchange rate and more to calculate your potential profit margin.

Access the Ticket Ball Profitability Calculator by downloading our free Operational Toolkit.

Here are the full case breakdowns 👇

5-inch (250pcs per case) 321158

  • 25 Ticket — 125 balls
  • 50 Ticket — 75 balls
  • 75 Ticket — 30 balls
  • 100 Ticket — 15 balls
  • 250 Ticket — 4 balls
  • 500 Ticket — 1 ball

18-inch (50pcs per case) 321159

  • 100 Ticket — 20 balls
  • 250 Ticket — 12 balls
  • 500 Ticket — 8 balls
  • 1000 Ticket — 5 balls
  • 2500 Ticket — 4 balls
  • 5000 Ticket — 1 ball

Redeeming Process
1 | Your happy customer wins a ball from your crane.
2 | The customer takes his ball to the redemption counter employee.
3 | Your employee scans the barcode on the ball. This removes it from your inventory and nullifies the barcode. 
4 | Your employee adds the coordinating ticket amount to the customer's card
5 | The customer redeems his new tickets for a prize from the redemption product selection
6 | (Hopefully) The customer leaves happy and smiling with his ticket ball and prize(s) from the redemption counter! 😎

Ready to order?

Ticket balls are driving crane gameplay like never before! Login to redemptionplus.com to view pricing. If you need more convincing, download our Operational Toolkit. It includes the Ticket Ball Profitability Calculator and will also help you with crane payouts in general, as it includes a Crane COGS worksheet, too! This resource will help you ensure you’re maximizing profits and your customers’ guest experience.

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