Why the “Oversized” Trend is Worth Watching

How to make your redemption program larger than life

With the arrival of lingering cooler weather, it’s time to deflate those oversized pool toys that took over Summer 2017. Giant inflatable swans, pizzas and rubber ducks everywhere are saying goodbye until next summer.

No need to be sad, though. The oversized toy trend is here to stay — at least for a while. According to Trend Hunter, enormous, exaggerated toys are popular in the United States, Europe and Australia.

Pool floats are just one form this trend has taken on. The jumbo trend is everywhere. Hot on the market are giant lawn games, candies, office supplies, and food pillows just to name a few.

What’s the BIG deal?

These over-the-top toys are giving kids a new experience during playtime. From young to old, everyone is hooked on jumbo toys. Trend Hunter has categorized the jumbo movement as “Divergent” and “Cyclicality”.


“A method of ideation that deliberately goes against the grain of the mainstream. A great tool for battling brand skepticism, Divergence is about rebellion and differentiation.” — Trend Hunter

If you walk into a random third-grade classroom, it’s pretty unlikely that you’ll see every student with an oversized eraser. Using items that larger representations of what we see om everyday life attracts attention, which most third-graders would certainly enjoy.

The jumbo trend is about items that are different from what we use in our everyday lives. It’s allowing items, like pizza, to be used in nontraditional ways — such as a pool float or pillow. The oversized trend a testament to the societal desire to be noticed and trendy.


“The foundation of Cyclicality is in the old adage, “history repeats itself.” It is the act of channeling revisitation to spark a sentimental response.
The world is becoming more playful, driven by generations not ready to grow up, including Boomers who desire a more active, enriched life.” — Trend Hunter

I’m guilty. I’m 24-years old and I purchased a giant gummy bear float this summer. Now, I’m a self-proclaimed kid at heart, but a lot of my friends had similar floats this summer. Some of us Millennials just aren’t ready to grow up — and we’re confirming the notion of Trend Hunter’s “Cyclicality”.

The beauty about Cyclicality, though, is that it spans generations. My 12-year-old cousin, who is a proud member of Generation Z, has a giant donut pillow. The jumbo trend is perfect for appealing to both young and old.

BIG wins for your redemption program

We’ve been talking trends a lot recently and the role they play in your redemption program. As you can see, the oversized toy trend is one you’ll want to capitalize on if you’re not already doing so.

Luckily, we’ve got you covered. Our JUMBO and GIANT merchandise don’t stop at whammer hammers, junk food plush, Blow Pops® and erasers… visit RedemptionPlus.com for all sorts of larger-than-life prizes for your guests.

“Go big, or go home” this fall. Our Customer Success team would love to create a product strategy with you to incorporate jumbo items into your redemption program. You can even purchase a storyboard dedicated to jumbo items.

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