Why You Need Squishies in Your Redemption Program

Gettin’ Squishy With It: Na na na na na na na nana

The countdown to Christmas is on and everyone is talking about the top toy trends for this holiday season. Luckily, you don’t have to wait for the yearly arrival of St. Nick to start giving your guests the prizes they want most.

The new trend on the block is slow-rising squishy toys. New York Magazine even labeled squishies as the next Fidget Spinner. They come in all themes, but the food category seems to top the list.

In the article, New York Magazine interviewed Judy Ishayik, owner of New York City’s Mary Arnold Toys, who said:

What are some of the hot styles?
 The fruits are doing really well. Bread is doing really well. I know we sold out of the apple super quickly, and the hamburger. We just got in a unicorn, I’m sure that’s gonna go. We got in strawberry shortcake — not the doll — but the actual cake. Super, super cute. And then we have some that look like panda bears. They’re food and animals.

Want Squishies in your redemption program?

You’ve come to the right place. Squishies will work wonderfully in either your bins or baskets. They will most likely appeal to players who land in the Impulse Redemption Range.

Allow your guests to take their squishy winnings on the go with these fab-food, squishy key chains. From avocados to donuts to watermelons, these portable prizes satisfy both the foodie trend and the squishy toy trend.

Other squishies
Have no fear, we have more squishies options than just keychains that are perfect for everything from fun desk buddies to collectibles. The Toy Industry Association labeled collectibles as a 2017 toy trend and they are expected to continue in popularity.

The Trend Verdict

According to Google Trends, squishy toys began to rise in both general web quires beginning in August this year. As the holiday season approaches, the trend continues upward. In fact, our first initial order of squishy items sold out in a matter of days!

We already know New York Magazine’s take on the trend, but CNBC also labeled squishies as one of the top 14 hottest toys for the holidays this year.

Squishies, are a fun, modern take on the old-fashioned stress ball. They might even have positive psychological benefits for your guests who redeem them.

According to this Huffington Post article with Dr. Posen, stress expert, “The stress ball prompts you to squeeze and release, which can leave you feeling less tense than you started.” Posen says. “The benefit of squeezing is that it releases energy — it also induces you to relax.”

Science aside, these items are a must-have for your redemption program for the holiday season and beyond. Shop now before they’re gone!

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