INSTAR Blockchain Beta is now LIVE!

Insights Network is delighted to announce the launch of the INSTAR Blockchain, INSTAR Blockchain Tracker,, INSTAR for Android, and Requestor Dashboard! To mark this exciting milestone, we are also offering the opportunity for our supporters to participate in our INSTAR Referral Competition, with the chance of winning one of our prize giveaways.

We would like to thank all of our supporters for helping us achieve these critical developments in our journey to building the world’s first user-managed consumer data exchange.

Below, we share some further details about our new products and how to get involved in our referral campaign with the exciting opportunity to win INSTAR tokens and a trip to Thailand!

INSTAR Blockchain and Blockchain Explorer

Further to our October announcement, INSTAR Blockchain 1.0 is now live, and users can view the transactions in each individual block with the all-new INSTAR Blockchain Explorer. This is one of our greatest achievements to date and enables the launch of the INSTAR Wallet detailed below.

The launch of the INSTAR Blockchain also means that we can now move towards full decentralization and a token migration. Holders of the existing ERC-20 tokens will soon be able to register their Ethereum addresses so they can receive their INSTAR tokens issued from the INSTAR Blockchain. Please note that no action is necessary at this time and further details regarding the token swap will be released towards the end of Q4.

INSTAR Blockchain has been developed using EOS Open Source software, modified to meet our specific needs and scalability plans, particularly scalable account creation to onboard millions of users to the Insights Network at no cost to the user.

INSTAR Web Wallet

Launched at the same time as the INSTAR Blockchain, the INSTAR Web Wallet 1.0 is now also live at The INSTAR Wallet is the first app running on the INSTAR Blockchain, and it enables our community members to secure and monetize their personal data by answering questions and surveys on the Insights Network. As we progress, recurring revenue programs will launch for data exchange participants, our identity as a service program will roll out, and we will be on track as an industry leader in blockchain technology for data exchange, identity, and market research.

Android INSTARWallet 2.0

We have now released the Android INSTAR Wallet 2.0 app, which is now available on the Google Play Store. There is an extremely exciting feature that will greatly enhance the social use cases of the INSTAR Wallet that will debut in Q1 of 2019 so make sure to download the Android Wallet to be one of the first.

Requestor Dashboard

Additionally, the Requestor Dashboard is now live, allowing anyone to create their own polls or surveys which will be available for answering by the INSTAR community.

The Requestor Dashboard provides its users with high-quality data submitted by participants who are KYC/AML verified. Requestors can opt to target their request to specific demographics, obtaining cost-effective results that can be verified for authenticity on the blockchain at any time.

The Requestor Dashboard launches after a successful pilot with six partner companies including WAX and Everipedia. A full announcement and link to the requester dashboard will launch next week.

Token Giveaway with the INSTAR Referral Campaign

To mark these exciting milestones, we are thrilled to offer the opportunity for our INSTAR community members to participate in our generous INSTAR Referral Competition.

Each referral will automatically earn 25 INSTAR tokens for the referring member. However, those community members who refer the most people will be eligible for one of our generous prizes.

The top referrer will win a tremendous 500,000 INSTAR tokens and a trip to the tropical paradise of Sri Panwa Resort, on the beautiful island of Phuket in Thailand. The second and third runners-up will receive 300,000 and 200,000 INSTAR tokens respectively. The top fifty referrers thereafter will receive 25,000 INSTAR tokens.

The referral campaign is now open. Start referring today for a chance of winning the grand prize!

About Insights Network

Our mission is to create a trustless decentralized market research network for the masses. Our ecosystem will allow consumers to secure and monetize their personal data by providing it to requesters on demand.

Insights Network uses a unique combination of a blockchain and Secure Multiparty Computation (SMPC), making it possible to enforce the exchange of data and payment between the provider and the requestor of data.

Insights Network CEO Brian Gallagher explains:

“Information is either stored locally on the client, or the consumer can choose to store it in our encrypted database. Either way, Insights Network has no control over, or visibility of the user’s data. The only way to access data is to target users in a survey or data exchange request which directly connects the data provider with the requesting party; Whether it be a surveyor, data analytics organization, or simply an individual party using INSTAR tokens. When requests are made, users have the option to exchange their data for INSTAR tokens paid for by the requestor. All matches on targeted requests are recorded on-chain, so anytime anyone in the world tries to extract Insights Network user data, it is fully transparent, and can only be completed with the consent of the provider. The privacy preserving technology we are building is the future gold standard for the data analytics industry.”

The exchange of data and INSTAR tokens is governed using smart contracts. The requester can close their data request at any time, and they will subsequently receive an export of the requested information. The data is fully encrypted, and the requestor can open it using a “one-time pad” which will be provided by the system. In cryptography, the one-time pad (OTP) is an encryption technique that cannot be cracked, but requires the use of a one-time pre-shared key the same size as, or longer than, the message being sent. In this technique, a plaintext is paired with a random secret key (also referred to as a one-time pad). Requestors have to extract the data themselves, and that original data set can never be extracted again.”

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Team Insights