Instars 2020 Vision: Decentralization, Staking Rewards, and More Options for Consensual Data Exchange

We’re here in 2020 to bring you a decentralized and scalable blockchain for consensual data exchange. Join us on our mission to build the future of decentralized and transparent data exchange. — New stablecoin and more options

To start 2020 off strong, we’ve signed a partnership with a top stablecoin which will soon be available on the platform in addition to INSTAR and EOS. The integration of this stablecoin will provide participants more options and play a major role in the launch of USA. Stay tuned for the official debut in the beginning of February.

In addition to surveys, we have recently launched a new feature “receipt capture” which allows participants to earn cryptocurrency for snapping pictures of receipts and answering short surveys about their experiences at restaurants or grocery store chains. We’re delighted with the positive response and feedback we’ve received from the community and look forward to building on the momentum.

Simply go to or the Instars Android app, snap a picture of your receipt, and take a short customer experience survey. Upon submission, if you complete the task properly, you will instantly receive cryptocurrency directly into your wallet.

We plan to continue expanding our earn options beyond survey and receipt capture into more verticals throughout the year. Our goal is to increase the amount each individual can earn on our platform for consensual data exchange every year.

INSTAR Blockchain Decentralization

The INSTAR Blockchain is now completely decentralized and being powered by a network of Block Producers. The majority of nodes powering the blockchain are using the most up to date EOS.IO software. We are now a competitive, viable sister chain for the EOS network. For those unfamiliar with EOS Blockchains, a spam attack known as EIDOS has congested the EOS mainnet and made it mostly unusable and unaffordable for dApps. While the mainnet is operating to it’s technical specification, a bad actor in the network has consumed enough CPU and RAM to spam the network with transactions 24/7 which has caused this issue. This type of spam attack will not be possible on the INSTAR Blockchain. The Insights Network team has built a transaction queuing system for dApps to avoid spamming like the EIDOS that has destroyed the EOS mainnet, and made it nearly unusable. You can see the demonstration of queuing being used on INSTAR Blockchain by looking at the payment system of the data exchange. Transactions do not constantly hit the network, and instead build up in a queue, and release after a short time period that can be updated. For any EOS dApp that needs a new home, we encourage you to deploy on INSTAR blockchain today. We offer free ram and cpu for qualified dApps. Our blockchain transactions consistently place the INSTAR Blockchain in the top 20 most used blockchains according to to Block’tivity.

Staking Rewards and Updated BP Rewards

By end of Q2 we are moving the tokens that have been saved in the savings account into a staking rewards pool, that will automatically pay out quarterly to users staking INSTAR tokens and voting for BP’s. We will set a generous 5% inflation to be paid to BP’s over the next year, but tokens will lock for up to one year from time of claiming BP rewards. Each year after that inflation will reduce by up to 1%. Stay tuned for more information about INSTAR Staking Rewards.

We’re excited for our upcoming developments and appreciate the continued support from all INSTAR Community Members. This is just the beginning!



Interested in creating your own blockchain technology based market research surveys? Get started with our Requester Dashboard in minutes!

Looking to earn cryptocurrency for sharing your opinion?

Earn cryptocurrency on or join the discussion on telegram!

For further information on the Insights Network, use the following links:

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Insights Network (INSTAR)

A private and secure gateway to digital currency and blockchain technology for everyone.

Insights Network (INSTAR)

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A private and secure gateway to digital currency and blockchain technology for everyone.

Insights Network (INSTAR)

A private and secure gateway to digital currency and blockchain technology for everyone.

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