May 30, 2018 Insights Network Community Update

Development, EOS Main Net Migration, Blockshow Berlin, Upcoming EOS Global Hackathon and Insights Network Community Meet-up in Hong Kong!

Dear Insights Network Community,

To begin, we want to make sure each one of you is aware that no action needs to be taken at this time for the upcoming INSTAR Token migration onto the EOS Main Net. The EOS main net is set to launch this Saturday, June 2. The Insights Network team is monitoring the stability of the upcoming main net around the clock, and will provide more details on the INSTAR token migration next steps on June 14.

Infrastructure Development Breakthrough

We are proud to inform you of major breakthroughs on the Insights Network core infrastructure that took place, yesterday, May 30, 2018. The past two weeks have been spent in Aarhus, Denmark, working with the Partisia Team on the Insights Network platform and it’s core infrastructure, and networking at the Blockshow Berlin Conference.

During our time in Denmark, we achieved a milestone event. Our Secure Multiparty Computation software is working in a testing environment and being prepared for integration into our data exchange platform. Take a look here at working code that successfully validates encrypted data and matches a specific gender and age range for a targeted survey:

Please read our previous post for more information on SMPC and why it’s so important here:

Blockshow Berlin

Our booth at Blockshow Berlin 2018

Blockshow Berlin was a big success for Insights Network. We were blown away by the amount of INSTAR supporters that came to our booth and shared their questions and feedback for the project. The diversity and global reach of the various token holders, who all come from different backgrounds and countries further validated the importance of the token model. We are extremely thankful for all of the great individuals and projects we met. We will release more details of our progress and future collaborations stemming from Blockshow Berlin as it’s ready to share!

EOS Hackathon and Insights Community Meetup in Hong Kong

Team Insights will be attending the Hong Kong Global EOS Hackathon in June. Insights Network will host a community meet-up in Hong Kong on Monday, June 11th following the conclusion of the EOS Hackathon. Please write to us at if you’re interested in attending and would like to reserve your spot!

We appreciate the continued support from all Insights Network Community Members. Stay tuned for our next update soon!


Team Insights