Busy September Culminates in Launch of Insolar MainNet and Wallet (beta)

Insolar Team
Oct 1 · 4 min read

The first of the autumn months has been another busy one for the Insolar team with the release of the MainNet and Wallet for public testing taking place on the final day of September and the last day of the third quarter of 2019. In order to strengthen the security of the network further, it was decided to delay the full release of Insolar MainNet.

In addition, Insolar expanded its roadmap for the next two years ahead, detailing its ambitious vision to scale up blockchain tech integration across industries. Meanwhile, we were also invited to participate in the World Energy Council’s World Energy Congress in Abu Dhabi. Here Insolar’s Dr. Lesley Czuma presented in Insolar’s blockchain-based Transactive Energy System in front of a large audience of delegates which included many ministers from various states and the Estonian President.

1. Community


Insolar MainNet: Public Testing — September 30, 2019

Following almost two years of solid work, Insolar is ready to announce the public testing of Insolar MainNet 1.0 on September 30, 2019. A peer-review and code audit of the Insolar MainNet 1.0 is currently being carried out externally by a leading cybersecurity firm and internally by Insolar engineers. This is to ensure maximum security for the network and make sure our users are safe.

Expanded Roadmap to 2021 Released

Insolar has expanded its roadmap for the release of its technology, extending its vision to 2021. The roadmap reflects Insolar’s ambitious vision to become a recognized leader in blockchain technology, with its platform deployed by the biggest enterprises around.

Insolar Participates in World Energy Congress

Insolar Head of Public Relations, Dr. Lesley Czuma, travelled to Abu Dhabi to participate in the World Energy Congress, organized by the World Energy Council (WEC). The conference discussed cutting edge tech which will further the transition to clean energy. Attendees of the conference included the Estonian Head of State, in addition to dozens of energy ministers from countries all around the world and various leaders in business.

Top Tech News

Development update. September 2 — September 14, 2019

Top Articles

A Day in the Life of an Insolar Developer

What does it take to survive and thrive in a fast-paced IT startup that is transforming technology and the way people do business? A bunch of dedicated, inspired, diverse individuals. The longer I work at Insolar, the more I am amazed by my colleagues. They are extremely reliable and hard-working, but also fun-loving and sometimes even quirky.

Unlocking the Power of Data

We live in a data age, we create more of it than ever before: the average person generates almost 1.5 gigabytes per day, to be precise! But the true promise of the data economy isn’t just in clocking up the terabytes and petabytes, nor in its availability or quality. Yes, data is transforming virtually all aspects of our economy and society, but the potential has remained largely unfulfilled since we have so far lacked the technology to allow for standard, secure and efficient data exchange.

Large and Long Transactions

There needs to be a different approach to transaction processing, for example, through partitioning and categorizing the work nodes complete, assigning differing roles to improve throughput. Insolar has introduced such features to overcome the DCS Theorem. However, let’s delve a little deeper into how the platform deals with large and long transactions.

2. Engineering highlights

The App Logic team has implemented Jepsen and benchmark tests with new cases to check data consistency and system performance under continuous loads. The team also expanded the backup manager utility with new commands to create, merge and prepare. Moreover, work was completed to improve integration test coverage has been improved, thereby improving system stability and simplifies code modifications.

The Business Services team added a tutorial to the WebWallet application frontend, which will help onboarded users to understand the functionality of WebWallet. This team also improved WebWallet usability by correcting issues found during internal testing. In addition the observer node was updated to accommodate changes in data flows in smart contracts, while new parameters required by the new design were added and the API had to be updated according to the new functional requirements.

The Ledger team has improved test coverage and fixed critical bugs.

The Smart Contracts team added metrics to monitor contract performance and execution timing and fixed severe performance issues on Virtual Executors for when there is a large number of abandon requests in the network.

The Network team improved observability on the network and added extra metrics to the Grafana dashboard.

3. Team

Anastasia Shevchenko joined Insolar as a Product Manager

Anastasia is a product manager with a strong technical background, three years of experience building B2B products in ABBYY and a masters degree in high tech management. She previously worked as a developer at Intel. Anastasia also holds a BS and MS from the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology.

Sergey Pesterev joined Insolar as a Head of DevOps

Sergey is a DevOps engineer with over 10 years of experience and who lives his work. His previous experience includes working with a range of tech stacks to develop products and platforms for a diverse set of projects.

Do you think big and have what it takes to be part of our team? You can see all of our openings here.

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Insolar is an open-source enterprise-grade blockchain platform to enable seamless interactions between companies and new growth opportunities powered by distributed trust.

Insolar Team

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Insolar is an open-source enterprise-grade blockchain platform to enable seamless interactions between companies and new growth opportunities powered by distributed trust.

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