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The Pros & Cons of Web Development

Subjective thoughts about the job of web development.

Pro: The development community is amazingly collaborative. Developers are working on new ways to solve problems every day and share their work through open-source.

Con: There’s an infinite and ever-expanding set of technology to learn in order to stay up to date. It can feel overwhelming. The shear amount of options to solve a given problem can be paralyzing.

A new day, a new framework.

Pro: The job market expands every day, creating new opportunities for developers.

Con: A culture of opportunism is common. Developers change jobs relatively frequently, as they seek better positions. The flip-side is that this constant hustle for the next job can be isolating in the long run.

Pro: With an expanding job-market, there’s a new niche for every specialty, making it easy to focus on your interests.

Con: It can be hard to know what wagon to hitch your horse to, since the skills the job market values shift often. Something that might be in demand today might go out of fashion tomorrow.

Pro: Making the world “better” is our goal. We have the opportunity to create things that make people’s lives easier, more efficient, or happier.

Con: In a bubbling market of venture capitol fund-raising and acquisition-oriented exit strategies, start ups sometimes focus on looking the part more than making something useful. You can easily spend years of your life building something that will just get torn down after a successful acqui-hire.

Here’s some Kool-aid.

Pro: The nerds rule! You see it everywhere in our culture: TV shows, hipster-chic fashion, etc... Nerds are “cool” now, I guess. The tech industry might have had a hand in extending the marketable parts of it’s cogs (you and I) into the national zeitgeist.

Con: Nerds can be assholes, just like everyone else. When it comes down to it, it probably doesn’t matter much what’s on TV or Urban Outfitter’s windows. The success of the start-up scene has given birth to a new archetype of asshole. The pompous, know-it-all nerdy hipster type.

Pro: Building something valuable for a client is immensely thrilling. You don’t have to be a business person to have an active role in building a business.

Con: It takes a leap of faith to trust your client/employer to make your work worthwhile (I’m not talking about money). After a few duds, forecasts from clients starts to sound like empty promises.

Pro: Problem-solving is fun! Development offers endless opportunities to solve logic problems in a myriad of ways.

Con: After a few years of solving other people’s problems, the “why” becomes more important than the “how.” Simply solving problems isn’t as satisfying as it used to be. Your career sometimes feels like an endless search to solve the “right” problem.

These are just some observations, inspired by an article written by @ht_jun on the design side of the fence. Have you encountered similar problems in your work? It would be tremendous if you spread this to your friends & teammates.

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