How to start a subreddit

All the steps to get you started

Photo Credit: Reddit

You can’t go on the internet without knowing what reddit is, or at least visiting it’s website once or twice. Reddit is a massive online community of users (called redditors) that post links and text and discuss those links and text 24 hours a day. Reddit is divided into categories called “subreddits.” Each subreddit has it’s own theme, and it’s own rules.

Creating your own subreddit is easy, but if you want to go any farther with it, it gets complicated fast. This guide has step-by-step instructions on how to set up your own subreddit, customize it’s looks using CSS, and promote your subreddit for free.

Step 1: Getting started

When you login into reddit, you will come to this page, the “front page of the internet.” Here, you can see all of the top posts in the subreddits that you are subscribed to, as well as a set of three buttons on the right. The first two are for submitting content to a community, while the third is for actually creating a community, or subreddit. Click this button to start.

Filling out the form is not hard, and you just need to provide the subreddit’s name and title. For example, my subreddit is named CakeSlicing, so it will appear as r/CakeSlicing on reddit. This cannot be changed. The title, on the other hand, can be changed many times and doesn’t need to be related to your subreddit.

Step 2: Install a theme

Now that I’ve created my subreddit, I can add a custom CSS theme from the “edit stylesheet” menu. You can also find this by going to[YOUR SUBREDDIT]/about/stylesheet

Creating your own theme takes a lot of time and effort, and requires advanced knowledge of CSS and other coding skills. However, many themes are available for you to install on your subreddit for free. You can see some of them on reddit at r/Themes. The most popular theme on reddit is probably Naut. Naut is a simple, modern reddit theme that uses design elements used by Google’s Material Design.

To install a theme, paste the contents of the CSS file into the large white text box on the “edit stylesheet” page. Then, upload all the images using the button below. Make sure to keep the original names of all the images.

Once you save the stylesheet, your subreddit should look something like this. Congratulations! You have just created your subreddit and added a theme! You can now change out the default images for your own ones. To change the images, follow the instructions below. If you think it looks great as it is, skip to step 3.

Step 2b: Customizing your customization

The easiest way to change the images is to use images that are identical in size to the ones that came with the stylesheet. You can crop your own images to the correct size using this tool, or you can use Google Images to find some.

  • First, go to Google Images and search for the image you want.
  • Now, choose Tools > Size > Exactly… and enter 320 x 201 and click “Go”
  • You will see images that are the right size. Download one that you like.

Once you’ve done that, rename the image to sidebarimg, and go back to the stylesheet. Then, delete the exisiting “sidebarimg” and upload the image you just renamed. Now, save your stylesheet.

You can do the same thing with the rest of the images, like your header and footer. Open the images and hover over them to see their dimensions.

My completed subreddit

Step 3: Promotion!

Now that you’ve created your subreddit and you’ve customized how it looks, you can promote it on reddit! There are many subreddits that help people promote their own subreddits, and this is the easiest way to promote your subreddit for free.