Inspiration and Collaboration:

The other day I met Davide Lugli, a leader in retail and eTail: analytics, price intelligence and pricing online. Analytics is systematic analysis of data and statistics. He is passionate about learning technology and application, valuing open source technology and the Open Web. Davide is driven in part from a strong curiosity and interest to improve in e-commerce, he create for us: Since 2008, has been working in brand and e-commerce. He met his co-founder Maximilian Lanaro through a common friend and together they work so compatibly.

Speaking with Davide I see his has energy that inspires you to learn more about the e-commerce company Competitoor. Also confidence in the system Competitoor, that is contagious. Competitoor is webplatform to see your competitors prices using just the web. It works well and because it uses semantic technologies. This means technology that is able to search products by the context. What their software does is the best possible online search for brand and and e-commerce .

Retailers and eTailers provide a list of their products to Competitoor. The price intelligence analytics will give you the online price of retailers and eTailers.
Different services:
You use “Brand” to monitor prices of competitors and sales network or retailers.
You use “E-Commerce” if you want to see price variations, and the competitors who share your same catalog and the ones using Dynamic Pricing.
You use “Buyer” if you want to buy something but need to compare prices and bids in a timely manner.
You are expanding your brand to another country? You would use the “Market” option and to see what are the prices in the country.

From David’s previous jobs he noticed a common question from retailers and eTailers was “What are the competitors prices?” When working for several other companies like Ferrari and Cibus he learned it is extremely important to know competitor’s prices and for each product. He learned that in retail and branding it is important to not have prices too high or too low.

Retailers and eTailers save so much by just knowing that a one retailer is charging 40% more or less. Imagine how much it adds up when you consider each product. Also, imagine having to research all possible competitors and for each product.

what are the prices?
what is it like?

After first 50 clients they expanded their office to London which is a European capital of e-commerce. Retailers, eTailers s find them through searching the web. Other times events and presentations. Here they also find collaborators. They have a plan to be serving all of Europe in the next three years and then more countries.

Another competitive advantage is in speed and simplicity. The retailers and eTailers do not need to invest in technical competence and software download to find pricing online. ETailers and retailers register on the web and see the product brand directly from the web. They pay a year or monthly subscription and relative to the number products. They can also do everything Mobile.

Competitoor has many exciting next steps, a lot of new machine learning applications and are open to many new features. They collaborate with engineers, and entrepreneurs in e-commerce, information and pricing online. Competitoor is like a sturdy ship on large waves. The new waves of brand marketing and e-commerce.