On finding inspiration: part 1

Venice from Thomas Moran

On Medium articles, I am surprised to see very little on inspiration!

Venice Italy was in history the center for international trade. People from allover have connected and the idea of the first bank spread through Europe. Venice is one of the cities with humanities stories and emotions living through it’s walls. Has created unique art. There was a lot of materialism but nevertheless inspiration was found through connections. We have so much information from our past and we have so many stories of our present and future. My most salient inspiring memory of the past is a trip skiing in the Alps. I was mostly alone while skiing and because there were very few people in the highest peaks. I often remember what inspires me when I am alone. I find my inspiration through experiences with people. Like when on that trip I learned to snowboard with a stranger, danced at the disco with friends and listened to peoples stories. The connections, experiences are what create emotions and inspiration.

Now for a story…

Edinburgh from Louis H Grimshaw

I was told at the last minute about this event in a city. I go there, look around at all the many beautifully polished people. I do not know who I should talk to first. I can talk to the people I know. That is what many of my friends seem to do until they get comfortable enough to talk to the stranger right next to them.

I take a few minutes to search the web and so I look up peoples background. I do this from the app that tells me who is at the event. I am on my phone, probably looking very rude in front of my friends but doing this for the sake of being productive. I look up this girl and see that she has spent her previous years helping causes she felt bad about. Also taking the lucrative opportunities that came her way. Wait, how do I know what her feelings are? It is so hard to often see what inspires other people and become inspired from them. Wow, this woman has done so much just like me.

I have done a lot of things and because my mother is always inundating me with career opportunities to take. Although these things have made me safe and prosperous they hid my soul. None of them has ever inspired me. Connecting to people and a job you cannot love is like getting married to someone who do not love. A career fills your time and commitment. It is hard to become and stay fully committed to something or someone you do not love and no mater all the material benefits.

Iakovkalinin from Getty Images

We need to become connected. Connected to whatever makes us feel in spirit: inspired. When we are inspired we are at our most creative and problem solve our best. We are subconsciously creating, we are efficient and being productive for the system. Just being around amazing people has filled my mind with interesting stories to write about. I am not afraid or hurt to write about any strong emotion. When we find new ways to become connected emotionally to ourselves and people, we are organically connected to solving problems. If we all help the causes we care about, the world would be so much more creative, efficient and probably happier.

HOW DO WE STAY INSPIRED? first, like anything in life, it cannot be forced. Inspiration just happens and often when you are not expecting it. Not all things will always inspire you. I disliked myself for not being able to feel inspired by this nice person I met many moths ago. I think we can connect with everyone by showing respect and communicating clearly. When we leave space free for another person like a friendship or a job, someone who would inspire more will take that place and same goes for ourselves. In an efficient computer, not all parts are directly connected.

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My mother has taught me to hide emotions and because it shows your vulnerability. I think showing emotions, has only helped me except in some cases. One of my best friend teases the things I care about. “You just like that because this and that..” I cannot stand the times both my father and best friend have said this. Do not try and intellectualize too much and because you will loose motivation that way. I have to stand up for myself. If I never let myself immerse in the things I care about, I will not be leaving space to be inspired, as I have seen. I feel like myself when I am inspired and it is hard to go back.

I have found that the most productive and efficient way to become inspired is by just immersing myself for a day into studying. Being driven by curiosity and love, I will generally read, study look at art, do yoga and go for a hike. What I say next will sound like a paradox but during that time I often prefer not talk to other people and because they distract me from my thoughts and feelings. This type of study is like when for the first time: you read your favorite book or watch an amazing movie. It is even better, you feel filled with a lot more information and spiritual satisfaction. I often forget how much I love doing this. Inspiration always comes from inside you and when you love the moment.

Me thinking before getting into my studying

Artificial Intelligence is also making it more and more important that we become inspired. A.I. can potentially be more creative then humans and because it has more information to create with. A.I. would also not want to be wasteful by destroying something that works. If humanity is an efficient and productive system, everyone is connected and inspired. Why then would AI hurt humans or any person? We are moving towards an automated society and where a lot of things will become less important. Why will we need to be acquiring more of anything that can be produced in masses? We need to create individual and collective experiences that make us feel and stay creative. Would A.I. not be more inspired by people who have found a way to connect and appreciate everyone? I suspect they would be inspired from efficient networks and for logical reasons.