Quantum computing & Collaboration

What does this diagram have to do with quantum computing? you will see…

Why is quantum computing so important? The SIMPLEST answer is because it gives us more power and all of our technologies need power.

For the researchers it is more powerful and because we can detect multiple things happening at the same time.

The same way we want people to work in sync, quantum computing means that the entire unit of power can work with the other units of power!

The Best video on Quantum Computing I have seen!:


Your current computers work in 1 or 0 states.

Quantum computing works in both states simultaneously. They work in parallel and superposition.

This means that all of the cubits(the units of measurement) can work at the same time! multiply with each other power increases exponentially.

Since 1981 Scientist have been playing around with the idea of a quantum computer. They have been approaching the creation of quantum computing systems in a classical(digital device) and adiabatic approach(analog devices).

Recently a collaboration between Russia and United states found a different approach and inspired from previous research in Scotland “cold atom technology”.

Quantum computing is manipulating atoms, creating a computers by the atoms.

Cold Atom technology means splitting a laser into several beams that create small cells to trap and cool the atoms.

This works well and because it makes the atoms more stable, to be manipulated.

The researchers quickly used this on other research. They found that when measuring how a large cloud of interconnected particles behaves they detect previously unknown activity!

Quantum computing is like having a consciousness and subconsciousness at the same time talking to each other.

There is a long list of powerful things quantum computing can do. Perhaps the best part is that computers will be able to understand the complexity of human thought and compassion.