5 Things That Make You Amazing …

Just by Being YOU!

Image: Jakob Owens | Unsplash

Modern life can be very demanding and in our constant struggle to pay bills, meet expectations and please more people than we disappoint, many of us can lost sight of just how incredible, miraculous and amazing we actually are.

The fact is that in the last fifty years, scientists have begun to unravel some remarkable secrets about life, the universe and how you fit into it. Next time you are feeling overwhelmed or under-appreciated, remember these five incredible facts; five reasons for you to celebrate who you truly are — a vital, precious and truly amazing part of this world!

1. You are made of stardust

Every single part of your body is made up of atoms that exploded out at the creation of the universe billions of years ago. Many of those atoms have already been stars, or planets, or meteors and have now come together to form your beautiful body! Your finger nails, your blood, the colored irises in your pretty eyes … all made from recycled stardust. What’s more, everything else in the universe is made of the same stuff, just in a different concoction, and every single part of the universe seems to be interconnected at a deep level. So the same beauty that you see in the stars, or the moon, or the mountains, resides inside the cells of your very own body. You are not just in the universe; you are the universe!

2. Your thoughts influence the whole world

Have you ever felt powerless to change the world? Well, don’t! Scientists now understand that our minds seem to be deeply intertwined into one unified consciousness. Since the 1990’s a team of researchers at Princeton University have been studying the effects of this global mind and have turned up some remarkable results. Whenever a global event happens and billions of people are tuned in (such as Hurricane Sandy or the opening of the Olympics) something incredible happens. When our minds are working in harmony — when billions of us are focused on the one event — the power of our thoughts actually changes the electromagnetic field of the Earth! So you are never powerless. Your thoughts, your prayers and your intentions are doing amazing things on an invisible, energetic level.

3. You are psychic

In the last hundred years, scientists have produced overwhelming evidence that psychic ability truly exists and that it can be found in every human being on the planet. Like any natural ability some people are inherently gifted while others struggle but your intuition, sixth sense or “gut instinct” is very real and very accessible. You can train your natural psychic abilities at any age and, once you trust it, this ability can be an incredible tool for success and happiness. Interestingly, studies have shown that what you believe is a very powerful filter, so if you don’t believe you are psychic then you will be less likely to recognize the information when it is received. But trust me … it’s there! Your brain is more amazing than you can imagine.

4. Your happiness really matters

You are such an amazing part of this world that you are able to increase the happiness of complete strangers, just by being YOU! Researchers Nicholas A. Christakis and James H. Fowler conducted an extensive survey and discovered that happiness is contagious. If you are happy, your friends are more likely to be happy, and your friend’s friends … and your friend’s friend’s friends! Truly. It pays to put great value on your own happiness and take very real steps to do things that bring you joy and contentment because your happiness spreads through your social circle like ripples and increases the overall well being of people you may never meet. That’s how powerful you are.

5. You are a fascinating mystery

Our world is full of wonderful mysteries such as the great pyramids of Egypt, or the ancient pillars of Stonehenge. But these enigmas pale in comparison to the incredible mystery that is YOU! Even though you appear to be solid, 99% of you is actually “empty space”; 98% of your DNA is largely unexplored and 90% of your brain is a complete mystery. What’s more, modern cosmologists can only explain around 4% of what makes up the universe — the same stuff that is in you, on you and of you. The truth is that, even in our modern times, most of what you are and what you are capable of is still completely unknown, untapped and unimaginable. You, by just being alive, are one of the deepest, most exquisite mysteries this world will ever know.

There is no doubt that modern society is incredibly demanding and we have become less inclined to stop and reflect on life itself. But, thanks to recent discoveries, science is beginning to hint at just how important, powerful and potent you are as a human being. You may be tired, stressed, busy or unwell but even if you sometimes forget (or are never reminded), the truth remains that you are a phenomenal, unique creation of this mind-boggling universe.

In every moment of every day, you are special. You are miraculous. You are simply amazing.

Kim Forrester is an award-winning author, educator and intuitive consultant with over 15 years’ experience as a professional intuitive and spiritual teacher. She combines cutting edge science with traditional spirituality to offer the latest understandings of psi, consciousness and holistic well being.