5 Ways Subtle Energy Affects Your Life

Energy Matters

Image: Josh Rinard | Unsplash

In the early 1950s, a young boy called Brian Wilson was told by his mother that their dog could pick up vibrations of energy and would therefore bark at people with “bad vibrations”. This idea stuck with Brian and developed into an understanding that people, too, were susceptible to the energy around them.

In 1966, Brian created a song about this notion and — with his new band, The Beach Boys — proudly caroled to the world about picking up “Good Vibrations”.

Interestingly, since then modern science has unlocked an incredible truth about energy and what we call matter. According to the latest findings, all matter is actually 99.99% space and the other .01% is thought to be made up of tiny vibrating “strings” of energy that are in constant motion and interaction with other particles. Therefore, whether we are aware of it or not, we are being constantly bombarded with — and affected by — waves of energy in our surroundings and our bodies.

So, energy really matters, in a number of ways:

Your emotional well being, matters:

Have you ever noticed how some people always seem to fall on their feet while others are plagued by struggle and “bad luck”? Dr David Hawkins MD, PhD has been working extensively in the field of personal energy and has discovered a direct link between a person’s emotional well being, their energetic frequency and their life experience. Although we live in the same world, Dr Hawkins discovered that our experience of this world, our view of life, depends on our energetic vibration.

In effect, people with a higher vibration enjoy a more empowered and positive outlook on life, and tend to work on a more love-based emotional level. These people can often see solutions to life’s challenges with complete clarity and recognize opportunity when it knocks. Those that vibrate on a lower level, experience more negative emotions. Sadly, their vibrational level ensures that they experience mainly struggle and strife. They may be blind to healthy choices and options or be unaware of life’s miraculous solutions.

Therefore, it matters greatly that you actively pursue emotional health and well being in order to enjoy the energetic benefits of love, happiness and optimism.

What you place your attention on, matters:

Researchers such as Dr Hawkins (above) have also discovered that hobbies, activities and past-times resonate at various energetic levels. What this means is that the books, television shows, hobbies and activities you place your attention on, draws the energy of that activity into your personal space. By watching uplifting television, reading inspiring words and partaking in hobbies and activities that bring you joy, you will find it easier to create a more positive outlook on life.

An ancient cultural example of this can be found in traditional Chinese custom. In China, it is believed that a pregnant woman passes all experiences through the eyes, via the heart, and into the growing baby. Therefore, she is encouraged to enjoy only pleasant books, activities and environments. For our greatest sense of well being, it matters that we all try to do the same.

What you project outward, matters:

In the late 1990s, Dr Masuru Emoto illuminated the incredible energetic impact that our thoughts, words and intentions can have on the world around us. Using photographs of ice crystals, Dr Emoto revealed the exquisite patterns created by water that had been prayed over, sent loving thoughts or otherwise blessed. Disturbingly, his work also provided the photographic evidence of what happens to water when it is exposed to insult, aggression and cruel intention — the creation of crystals that appear polluted, muddied and toxic.

Your thoughts are electrical (energetic) impulses in your brain; your words are a result of the vibration of your voice in the air; your atoms are dynamic and ever-moving energetic building blocks. The impact you have on the people and world around you, and your own being, is invisible yet inescapable. Therefore, it really truly matters what you say, think and project outward into the world.

Who you spend your time with, matters:

We are profoundly affected on an energetic level by the people in our environment. We have all met people who seem to lift our mood and those that tend to bring us down, and this is not just because of personalities; it is because of their vibrational levels. If you would like to enjoy a more positive outlook, allow yourself to make a conscious decision as to who you spend your time with.

Keeping the company of positive people will help lift your vibration and this in turn will draw more positive people into your life. Therefore, give yourself permission to walk away from destructive relationships and negative people. The kindest thing you can do for some is to show them the way “up”, not fall down into a hole with them.

As an integral part of this world, YOU matter:

The discoveries of researchers such as Dr Hawkins and Dr Emoto, coupled with the latest quantum experiments, have helped us understand that we are not individual nor separate as we have been taught to believe. You are not isolated from the world around you — you are intricately, energetically entwined with it!

By improving your own emotional and energetic well being, even just a bit, you represent an increase in magnitude for all of humanity.

By safe-guarding your emotional well being and taking responsibility for your energetic footprint, you help uplift the entire planet.

I therefore encourage you to understand and acknowledge that energy, your energy, truly matters and (in the immortal words of Brian Wilson) simply “keep those lovin’ good vibrations a’happening”.

Kim Forrester is an award-winning author, educator and intuitive consultant with over 15 years’ experience as a professional intuitive and spiritual teacher. She combines cutting edge science with traditional spirituality to offer the latest understandings of psi, consciousness and holistic well being.