Humanity is as Dumb as Dirt (and that’s ok)

Rock Your Reality: Part I

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4.6% of an image by Thomas Hafeneth

The Rock Your Reality series offers simple facts to snap you out of your stupor, shake up your reality and ignite your curiosity.

Part One: Humanity is as Dumb as Dirt (and that’s ok)

There have been several times in history when humanity has taken a giant scientific leap forward. For instance, in 1543, Copernicus blasted humanity into a new realm of understanding when he introduced the idea that the Earth revolved around the Sun. In 1859, Charles Darwin opened our eyes to evolution, and (of course) Einstein’s revolutionary Theory of Relativity, released in 1915, turned our idea of mass, gravity and energy on its head.

There are also times in history (because we are a terribly arrogant and self-absorbed species), when we have claimed to have ‘almost cracked the code’ and know all there is to know about our universe. Lord Kelvin, for instance, can take a bow for his ignorant-yet-assured proclamation in 1900 that “There is nothing new to be discovered in physics now. All that remains is more and more precise measurement.” (Spoiler alert: he was dreadfully wrong.)

Now, it seems, scientists have uncovered something really worth knowing … something that opens a completely new field of scientific inquiry and a whole new way of viewing our place in the universe.

They have discovered how little we actually know.

According to modern cosmology, we (clever, eager human beings) can measure and understand just 4.6% of the universe’s composition. Yes, you read that correctly — four point six percent. The rest of the universe (95.4%) is unfathomable to human minds, and immeasurable by human technology. (However, just so we can feel in control of the situation, this enigmatic stuff has been given a nifty little name: Dark Matter and Dark Energy.)

So, it’s actually important to note that, despite our fancy technology and inquisitive brains, humanity is actually pretty damn dumb when it comes to what is happening to us, running through us, of us, in us and from us.

To put it in context, it’s like humanity has seen six minutes of a feature-length film and still, somehow, believes it can explain the entire plot. More amusing is the fact that we don’t even know where that six minutes sits in the actual story-line. Are matter and energy the opening scenes of our universe? Are they the final plot twist? Or have we managed to scrape together a whole set of scenes that have no effect on the overarching story at all?

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So, yeah. We can be proud as Punch about the things we have discovered about the universe; we can congratulate ourselves for working out how energy and matter can be molded to our advantage. And (because we’re a civil species) we can even give ourselves a nice medal for participating.

But, really, we are still insignificant in our understanding of the way the universe works. We are infantile in our exploration of who we are. We are as dumb as dirt.

And it will be a long, loooong time before we’re qualified to call anything impossible.

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