Knowing Nothing Has Set Me Free

Having all the answers, isn’t the answer

The only thing I know for certain, is that I don’t know anything for certain

For the past twenty years, I have been studying, researching, reflecting on and implementing spiritual insights and the relevant scientific knowledge. I have read all the books, explored all the topics, absorbed all the meanings and meditated on all the questions. Finally, a few years ago, all of my efforts culminated in one, mind-blowing realization.

I don’t know anything.

And how could I?

  1. We, as human beings, know a minuscule amount about the universe and the role we play in it. (Latest estimates place our understanding of the cosmos at around 4.6%).
  2. It is simply impossible for me to have gained all of the human knowledge currently available. (Even if I attempted to, by the time I had finished there would be new, cutting-edge knowledge to explore).
  3. My intuitive and spiritual insights (although often profound) are probably severely limited and warped by the confines of my 21st century mind.

So, I now know that I know nothing. And I also know that this doesn’t matter one … little … bit.

You see, today, despite my conscious awareness that my knowledge is a fraction-of-a-percentage of what there is to know, the sun rose in a brilliant, blue sky. Today, my blood continued to flow through a strong and healthy body. Today, my family greeted me with their special blend of loving madness. Today, despite my complete ignorance of the true nature of this world, this universe or the role I play in it … my life simply went on.

For most of my life, being wrong had never been acceptable. Being vulnerable had never been an option.

Reflecting back, I can see that it was at some stage in my childhood that I decided I needed to be knowledgeable. Somewhere in my isolation and alone-ness, I took it upon myself to be the person that everyone could rely upon. I decided to be the strong and dependable one; the leader; the one with all the answers.

This pattern has driven me all of my life — I have always pushed myself to achieve and excel, and be the one that carries and guides others. I have imparted my knowledge unthinkingly — confident that what I had to say was accurate and correct — and I have cringed and admonished myself whenever I was found to be “wrong”.

For most of my life, being wrong had never been acceptable. Being vulnerable had never been an option.

But now I see that, regardless of what my purpose is on this beautiful planet, it does not — cannot — include the need to be all-knowing. It does not involve having all the answers or finding the “right way” and helping others do the same.

My role on this Earth involves compassion, kindness and being of service — things that flow effortlessly to me. All else — the need to know who we are; the need to discover the true nature of the cosmos; the need to find the meaning of my life — well, this I surrender to the unknowable universe.

Because the truth is that, for all my research, and studying, and intuitive insights, all the knowledge I possess is really just an educated guess. I don’t know anything for certain … except that certainty of knowledge is no longer a necessity in my life.

And it is this knowledge that has set me free.

Kim Forrester is an award-winning author, educator and intuitive consultant with over 15 years’ experience as a professional intuitive and spiritual teacher. She combines cutting edge science with traditional spirituality to offer the latest understandings of psi, consciousness and holistic well being.