The new science of spirituality

Since the dawn of our history, human beings have been confronted with, and mystified by, a spiritual force that lies beyond our five physical senses. Our ancient texts, such as the Bible and the Quran, abound with stories of clairvoyant visions and prophesies. The Greek philosopher, Socrates, was deeply guided by his clairaudience — his daemon — that spoke to him of the Truth of humanity and the Universe. Clairsentience and claircognizance have forever been a part of human culture, and have inspired such phrases as “gut feeling” and “common sense”.

For eons, this spiritual awareness walked hand-in-hand with our scientific understandings, and ancient seers were often also regarded as the keepers of more pragmatic knowledge about the world and the part we play in it.

It is only in the last thousand years, through religious dogma and the advent of Newtonian Physics, that spirituality and science appeared to be in contradiction to each other. Science has deemed psychic phenomena to be impossible in a material world, and has regarded any spiritual experience as pure delusion or superstition. Spiritualists have vehemently defended their experiences as special and unique gifts and, often from necessity, have withdrawn themselves and their abilities from the eyes of the general public.

It is exciting, therefore, to be living in a time when both science and spirituality have evolved beyond the misconceptions of the past and appear to be, once again, speaking the same language.

From the point of spirituality, modern teachers now understand that psychic ability is not an elusive gift or a mystical magic bestowed on a chosen few. Indeed, it is a common ability that appears in every human being, to varying degrees of natural aptitude. Excitingly, science is backing up this view. Over the last century, thousands upon thousands of rigorous, clinical trials have been conducted into various psychic (psi) phenomena.

For example, in 1985, after nearly a century of scientific investigation into telepathy, parapsychologist Charles Honorton released a paper outlining the results of twenty-eight Ganzfeld studies (telepathic trials where the recipient is in a sensory-isolated state). The combined results showed overwhelming evidence for telepathy, with odds against chance of ten billion to one.

In 1988, Edwin May released the data of over 150 “remote viewing” experiments conducted at Stanford University by himself and NASA physicist, Russell Targ, over a 16 year period. The results were phenomenal, with evidence of remote viewing (clairvoyance) with odds against chance of more than a billion billion to one.

More recently, in 2011, Daryl Bem of Cornell University published the results of a nine-year study into precognition. His study showed a small, yet very real and significant, ability for the average human participant to see briefly into the future, and continued the intriguing conversation about time and how we interact within it.

These are but a few examples of the incredible scientific work being undertaken in our quest to understand psychic phenomena. Today, there are hundreds of psi experiments being conducted, many of them in conjunction with the Institute of Noetic Sciences, a well-respected scientific organisation in Petaluma, California. Because of the dedication of psi researchers around the world, the evidence is now incredibly robust that these abilities exist, and theories are starting to emerge as to how and why they exist.

Perhaps the strongest driver behind our new understandings, (and the reason that our ideas about spiritual phenomena simply must change) is the emergence of quantum physics, over the last fifty years. This amazing new discipline has already blown apart our previous understandings of matter (ie. what we are made of) and how we fit into the Universe around us. We now know that everything (including ourselves) is made of energy, that we are inextricably intertwined with the energy of everything around us, and that our previous scientific laws no longer make sense at a sub-atomic level.

Put simply — we now know that we are all ONE, and the possibilities of how we interact with each other and the world are endless.

I invite you now, and every day, to explore and enhance your natural psi abilities. The journey toward deeper knowledge is not a scientific one, nor a spiritual one, it is a human journey and by opening your mind to your deeper potential, you are contributing to this amazing, and endless, quest for understanding.

This article first appeared on Kim’s blog.