My 7 Rules on how to strengthen your mind body and soul

Be honest and tell me if you have felt stress over a long period of time. If you have, very bad thing for you! Stress kills people. It makes you weak over longer periods and sabotage your sharpness and productivity. From my 17 years of martial arts and daily life of entrepreneurial Jedi mastery, I share my ways on how to strengthen your mind body and soul.

I tell a lot of people how I cultivate and sustain my physicality and mental agility. Because if I can affect how people succeed in life, the tips and methods I give WILL make an impact and advance your strength.

But first, why would you want to optimize yourself at all?

My 7 practical methods of optimization

First I want to describe one important point to you. Your life and my life will probably have totally different stories. Our past history, life purpose and karmic “red thread” through this life have exclusively diverse agendas.

So, I have unwillingly acquired something valuable

My childhood played out a lot of “shit happens”. Having 5 step-fathers, moving 32 times, living in a tent, mother drinking to her death and having to deal with it alone develops a special set of life and people skills.

Now, I have never complained. I have been fucking stubborn, having a warrior mindset and hustling through the valley-with-the-shadow of death.

Losing my beautiful girlfriend was the hardest part. Losing my mother was a tea-party compared to it.

I’m still not complaining, but I mention this to you. Because if you got some kind of the same history, good! Seriously. You’re developing more valuable life-skills as an advanced soul then life-surfers who mentally break down for nothing!

Here’s my step-by-step guide for you!

(had to put out that self-pose photo)