The Fool’s Journey

No way in hell are my grubby fingers going to ruin this moment.

It’s a beautiful image. Hamburg, maybe. Someone’s magnificent eye shot this brief still of magic.

And here I am sploshing it with slapstick words.

“Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working.” — Picasso

This is the beginning of a project.

Purposefully designed to build awesome habits and do good work.



Inspired by Stephen King and Steven Pressfield, I’ve been writing every day for the past few months. Huzzah!

But lately the writing has degenerated into angst ridden self-pitying.

“Oh dear I have nothing to write about here I am writing about not having anything to write about so I hit my blessed word count”.

No more.

Let’s place constraints and structure to unleash freedom while enabling creativity. Here’s my hypothesis:

Structure + Flow = Good Shit

The Process

  1. Find amazing images and art. Use them as writing prompts. Write daily.
  2. Throw self-judgment out the window. Edit and hit publish. At least 3 pieces per week.
  3. Credit artists and photographers. Thank them for generous use of their craft. Send audiences their way because they’re awesome.
  4. Share.
  5. Repeat.

Welcome aboard,


Thank you Nick Scheerbart for the photo and Unsplash for curation.

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