We all have "issues". A "dark side", if you will. Society teaches, for the most part, that we need to turn away from that darkness, from those weaknesses and imperfections. We are taught that it is something we don’t need or want in our life.

Yet, it is part of us. As integral as the "light" that exists within us all. It might seem contradictory, and it certainly was for me for much of my life, but I believe it is something we must embrace in order to be our "best" in the Universe.

To do this, I believe, does not mean we just accept our faults and imperfections and just say "fuck it" that is who I am without regard to the negativity that might be bringing into the world, into YOUR world. It means we come to a place in our life that we sit with those imperfections for a space of time and, through Awareness, begin to see the part they have played in our life. How they have contributed to who we are and, most of all, to learn to let them go in order to make room for better and more meaningful aspects of our true nature to shine through. That has been my experience at least.

I trust that you, my friend, are open to the idea that we must embrace all aspects of our beautify flawed humaneness. And that, on your journey, you see yourself as more than skin and bones with imperfections and weaknesses. I hope you see that you are beautiful and powerful beyond measure. That you are Love incarnate and, most of all, that you have within yourself the power to bring that Love into your world and those around you.

Love is the most powerful force in the Universe...

Sending Love, Peace and Positivity out...

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