Design Mobile Swiping That Enhances User Experience

When done right, swiping to display or perform specific actions can sometimes be beneficial for the UX of an application. Dribbble is one of my go to place when I’m looking for some inspiration for projects that I’m working on. These swiping animations are the ones that caught my eye:

Movie App Interactions by Samuel Medvedowsky
City intro animation by Vasjen Katro from Fabric Creative
Swipe to travel by FΛNTΛSY
Swipe animation by Eugene Zaretskiy from Agilie Team
Cards transitions by Lukas Horak in PLATFORM
Spend / Time selector from: What if Tinder did travel? by Gleb Kuznetsov✈ from FΛNTΛSY
Thaw | Interest level selector by Cooper Crosby
Tab interaction by Srikant Shetty
Gif — Fiche by Barthelemy Chalvet from Agence Me
Swipe cards interaction (professional project) by Valentin Salmon
Swipe animation by Eugene Lazebny
Mobile Interactions by Chris Biron from NEVERBLAND
Mail Read by Tate Chow from Handsome
Principle — Swipe Interaction by Pietro Schirano
Google Newsstand Navigation Pattern by Salomon Aurélien
Swipe mood for Tinder Travel product design concept by FΛNTΛSY
Medical App Interaction by Iswanto from Paperpillar

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