UI Design in Health & Fitness Apps

Recently I was looking around for some inspiration for a health app I’ve been working on for the last few weeks. So I thought of putting together a list of some of the ones I like:

Fitness App by Sergey Jani from LUFT
Activity Graph [iOS App Concept] by Ales Nesetril
Fitness App by Ionut Zamfir
Debut Shot — Pedometer by Angela from Cleveroad
Fitness Tracker App by Nick from Leavingstone
BeBright App by Ludmila Shevchenko from Tubik Studio
Android — Health App by Andrew Mckay
Fitness App by Alex Volk from Agilie Team
Fitness Data Record by Dea_n
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Activity Dashboard by Alex Kirhenstein
Workout App Concept by Ionut Zamfir
Stayfit Health App by Anil Singh Gusain
Moves by Ionut Zamfir
Fitness Tracker — Workout by Rick Waalders
Exercise screen: Set Interaction by Vitaly Rubtsov from Yalantis
Health Stats by Vivek Warsi fromiWarsi Creatives
Fitness App by Kyril Kulikov
Fitness App by Padam Boora
Fitness Timeline by isavelev
Fitness Interface Concept by Ionut Zamfir
Day 8 — Fitness App Rebound by Artem Borodynya
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Find + Sidemenu from Medical app (Medicure) by Prakhar Neel Sharma
Overview by Ionut Zamfir
Simple Running App by Nick
Health/Fitness app by Thomas Budiman
Running App by Nick
My health app by Anil Singh Gusain
Fitness App Profile by Ionut Zamfir
App Design — iPhone Social Fitness App by Nas
Daily UI #54.1- Fitness Tracker by Ranjith Ramanan

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