Maps in UI Design

Here’s a selection of “maps used in interaction design” I put together while looking for some inspiration for a web app I’m designing at the moment.

iTaxi by Oleg Frolov
Map Interaction (alt) by Ben Mingo from RALLY
Location by Denis Abdullin
Location tracker by Goutham
Location by José Polanco
Map pin motion by Eric Atwell from RALLY
Daily UI 020 — Location Tracking by shab majeed
Animation — locate transition by Leo Leung
Location Tracker by David França
Weather Dashboard / Global Outlook / Likes [GIF] by Studio–JQ
Package Tracker by Nechita Paul Flavius
100 Days Sketch UI Contest #day020 — Location Tracker by Paweł Łuczak
Location Tracking — Day 020 #dailyui by Ennio Dybeli
Daily UI Day 20 Location Tracker by Andrej Radisic
Location Tracking by Niclas Ernst
Timeline activity animation by Aurélien Salomon ➔ @aureliensalomon
Daily UI #020- Location tracker #dailyui #017 by pramod kabadi @pramodkabadi24
Teasing by Salomon Aurélien
Day 20 — Location Tracker by Sebastian Stapelfeldt
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