Modern Identity and Logo Designs

“A company’s logo is like a person’s nickname” is a great analogy I once heard at a design conference. Not only does it simplify the definition of a logo, but it also explains that a company’s logo is not a literal representation of what that company does.

In the following section I put together a list of modern identity and logo designs that I hope will inspire you. Not only by how they look, but also by how they are presented.

Brandbook Design Process by Ramotion
Branding Blocks by Bill S Kenney from Focus Lab
Assembly Black Ops by Bill S Kenney from Focus Lab
Branding Gifts by Bill S Kenney from Focus Lab
Musixmatch brand visual blocks + patterns by Nicola Felasquez Felaco from Musixmatch
Pixty App Branding by Ramotion
CreateOne Rebrand by Bill S Kenney from Focus Lab
Shaun Fenn Photography by Eight Hour Day
Standard Isssue №1 by Adam Trageser
Brandbook App Icon Page by Ramotion
Miller Lite Concept by Brandon Rike
Over 100 free mockups
Kopf und Kragen by Jonas
Assembly Brand Identity by Summer Teal Simpson Hitch from Focus Lab
Forged Cannabis Co. Branding Presentation by Emir Ayouni
Warped — Identity Preview 01 by David M. Smith
Arcticlabs Identity by Cosmin Capitanu
Luis’ Corner Barbershop by steve wolf from 828
Portico identity by Eddie Lobanovskiy
Heat Watch Identity by Eddie Lobanovskiy

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