Navigation Examples in Mobile Design

Designing a navigation for an app is not always easy. A navigation that’s both clever and delightful is pretty much always a difficult task.

Below, I assembled a selection of navigation examples that, I think, fits that criteria. I hope you do too.

Healthy Choice by Dejan Markovic
Settings fun navigation by Salomon Aurélien
App Circle Navigation by Samuel Thibault from Handsome
Shopping List by Hila Peleg
Look flow by Aleksandr Larionov from LUFT
App Navigation Pulldown by Samuel Thibault from Handsome
Travel Blog App Concept by Anatoly Nesterov from Yalantis
Tab Bar Animation by Vitaly Rubtsov from Yalantis
Trello Navigation by Salomon Aurélien
Evernote Skitch iOS by Jesse Guerrero from Evernote Design
Over 1000 free mockups
Navigation Concept by Steffen Nørgaard Andersen from Magnetix
Large Screen Navigation by Ramotion
Navigation at the bottom by Salomon Aurélien
iPad Mini Template (Preview) by CreativeDash
Safari view by Gleb Kuznetsov✈
Bottom Nav Experiments by Vitaly Rubtsov from Yalantis
App Navigation by Ramotion
Dashboard and Menu by Megan Fox from Notch Interactive
Navigation by Cuberto
UI Navigation Concept by Ludmila Shevchenko from Tubik Studio

I hope you find this useful. And if you do, press the ♡