Pull-to-Refresh Animations

A few days ago I was looking around for some pull-to-refresh animations for a mobile app I’m currently working on. These are the ones I like:

gear-powered pull-to-refresh animation by Michael B. Myers Jr.
Pull Down to Refresh by Hoang Nguyen
Pull to Refresh. Rentals by Dmytro Prudnikov from Yalantis
Loading… by CreativeDash
Refresh Animation by Joe Mortell from Fueled
GIF for Pull Down — Space Ship by Tamara from Tubik Studio
Liquid Pull Down by Ramotion
Recipe Finder by Sergii Ganushchak from Yalantis
Replace by Zee Young
#1 Pull to refresh_Freebie — Weather Concept by Yup Nguyen
Fishing refresh by kkwj
Windmill Pull to Refresh by Vitaly Rubtsov from Yalantis

I hope you enjoy!