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Wireframes by Top UX Designers

Wireframes are important for multiple reasons. One of them would be that they, the wireframes, focus on functionality, behavior, and priority of content. Once you have those things established, designing the product becomes a lot easier.

Another benefit of wireframes is that they give the client an overview of what their website, app, etc. will eventually look like. This way when you present the design you probably won’t hear questions like “Why is that button there?”. So wireframes will save time and, possibly, headaches. When I was helping some friends with their 2020 calendar website, wireframes were instrumental in organizing and structuring the content and user interface. This allowed me to finish the project on time and not go over the budget.

Below, I put together a list of wireframes made by some of the best UX designers, in the hope that they might inspire you, and, maybe that you could even learn a bit from them.

wireframes by Anthony Lagoon from Underbelly
TedTodd Wires by Alex Sailer from Focus Lab
Wireframe for a landing page by ueno.
Event Management Dashboard Wireframe #1 by Bagus Fikri Yuliono from Fikri Studio
Ui Sketch by Anthony Lagoon from Underbelly
Wireframe day! by aaron stump from InVision
Neverbland Deliverable Deck by Filippo Chiumiento from NEVERBLAND
From wireframes to design by Cuberto
Apple Watch WIRE by buatoom from Omise
Simplified Checkout Process by Michael Pons from PG
SelfSurvey — Wire Frames 1.0 by Sergey Jani from LUFT
UX User Flows by Janna Lynn Hagan
close web by Eddie Lobanovskiy
Product Website Wireframes by Michael Pons from PG
BattleShare by spovv
Over 2000 Sketch App freebies
Exelerate : Wireframes by ueno.
User Flow Diagram for Apple Watch App by Marian Mota from SoftServe Design Office
IconStore Sneak Peek by Sebastiano Guerriero
Wireframes by CreativeDash
Sitemap For Student Guide by Janna Lynn Hagan
Wireframes for Dental Research Website by Adam Butler
Mac Chat Application Wireframes by Danny Keane
Kitchenware Pro — Wireframe Kit by Neway Lau
Wireframes by Cuberto
Wireframe options by Steven Scarborough from Focus Lab
High Fidelity Dilema by Michael Pons from PG
Wireframe Of Nextday by Leon Qin

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