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Words of Inspiration With Mickey Markoff

photo of book with pages in shape of heart posted on mickey markoff intro to inspirations website
Photo by Aung Soe Min on Unsplash

“Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.”

This often quoted phrase if frequently misattributed to Plato, but historians disagree as to the original source. Regardless of its origins, the wisdom is timeless, and is perfectly suited to the current climate. We can all benefit from compassion and understanding from others, as well as for ourselves.

This sentiment is one of the inspirations behind Mickey Markoff’s new website. The site hopes to serve as a place of motivation, inspiration, and hope for its visitors and the online community. Each week, you will find devotionals and inspirational quotes from a variety of truth seekers, both religious and secular alike.

The website serves as a hub for Mickey Markoff Inspiration’s Instagram, the home for the main content. Here, you’ll also find links to the Facebook and Twitter page, so that you can interact with a community of like-minded people aiming to share positive content online.

We look forward to seeing you online!

About Mickey Markoff

Mickey Markoff is best-known as an executive producer of the Air and Sea Show. Markoff is also President of MDM Group, an innovative South Florida firm that develops effective multidimensional marketing campaigns. Learn more about Mickey Markoff, and the history of the air and sea show here.

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