Things to Know Before Marrying a Dominican Woman

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Dominican women remain some of the most popular foreign brides in the international dating market.

Thousands of men marry them yearly, and the question is not only what’s so special about them but also how it happens and what these men actually get from such a relationship.

You’ll find the answers to these and many other questions in this guide.

5 interesting facts about marrying a Dominican woman

First, let’s talk about some national characteristics and characteristics of Dominican women who marry foreigners — here are the main facts that’ll help you understand who a typical Dominican bride is.

1. Over 1,000 Dominican women immigrate to the US to get married yearly.

Intermarriage is common in this country, and local girls are open-minded, tolerant, and friendly enough.

People in the Dominican Republic easily start relationships, and if everything goes well, things are moving much faster than in America.

2. A typical Dominican bride is a girl in her early or mid-twenties.

The average age of marriage in the Dominican Republic for women is just 21. Also, age-gap relationships are pretty common — most girls don’t mind dating and marrying older men.

3. The gender ratio in the Dominican Republic is nearly equal.

Currently, it’s 50.07% females to 49.93% males, and there’s no dominating gender, but the competition is still pretty fierce.

Local women are naturally beautiful but still struggle to meet high beauty standards to stand out and find a decent partner.

4. Over 5 million Dominican singles use online dating services from over 6 million Internet users in the entire country.

Dominican women are really motivated to start a relationship and are devoted to it.

5. Hedonism, benevolence, and family are the core Dominican values.

Women in this country are spontaneous, kind, and very family-minded, and these things, along with natural beauty, are what actually attract foreign men the most.

Basically, these are the reasons why men keep searching for a perfect match in Santo Domingo and other Dominican cities and towns instead of their own home city — a Colombian bride is usually young, family-oriented, and most importantly, really motivated to start a healthy relationship and a family.

Pros & cons of marrying a Dominican woman

Of course, the things that you’ll see below are generalizations, but we still recommend considering them before you decide to go to the Dominican Republic or join one of the niche websites to find a Dominican wife.

The pros of marrying a Dominican woman:

  • Dominican brides are way more family-minded than women in many other countries.

So if you’re ready to settle down and start a family, the Dominican Republic is definitely one of the best places to search for a future wife.

  • This society is open-minded enough.

There are fewer social stigmas than, for example, in Asia.

Neither premarital sex nor public displays of affection or intermarriage are socially discouraged, so many Dominicans start relationships with foreigners.

  • The ability to assimilate quickly.

Many cross-cultural couples face certain difficulties after immigration as a foreign spouse needs to assimilate, and that’s not always easy.

However, Dominican women usually cope with such problems more easily due to some national characteristics, open-mindedness, and the pretty strong impact of the Western culture overall.

The cons of marrying a Dominican woman:

  • ❌ Marrying Dominican spouses, as well as foreign spouses from any other country, isn’t that easy

You’ll need to prove that your relationship is authentic and wait until your visa requests are approved.

All this process can take up to a year.

  • ❌ Cultural barriers exist.

You’ll need to get very close to her family members, get used to some local customs and traditions, consider national characteristics, and learn how to compromise.

It’s absolutely possible, but it takes some time and effort.

  • ❌ Jealousy is common

So you need to consider the fact that Dominican brides will hardly tolerate female friends, at least at the early stages of your relationship.

Of course, there are exceptions, but you should keep this in mind if that’s one of your personal triggers.

However, if all these disadvantages don’t seem a problem for you, then feel free to marry a Dominican woman, and we will tell you how to do it officially.

Process of marrying a Dominican woman

The first thing that a person who plans to find a Dominican wife should do is learn more about the Dominican culture and society — that’s the only way to ensure you’re going to take the right step. After all, it will change your life, and you need to be 100% sure that you’ve chosen the right country to find a soulmate. But what’s next? Here are some recommendations for those who are considering meeting, dating, and marrying a Dominican woman.

1. Choose the website where you’ll have the best chance to meet a Dominican bride

Find the site that will not only be able to connect you with Dominican girls but also will meet all your criteria and expectations.

Choose between a mail order bride site, a Dominican dating site, or perhaps, a mainstream dating app, and consider the prices, the set of features, and the quality of profiles.

2. Develop a good online dating strategy to meet Dominican ladies online

Once you’ve chosen the site, create a profile that will attract the right Dominican brides with similar views of life and relationships.

Communicate with the best potential partners and use the matchmaking services and advanced search features to find them.

Note that there will be a lot of communication tools to use, and some of them, for example, live chat, work better in the early stages; and some, for example, video chat and calls, are way more effective for those who already know they’d like to build a deep emotional connection with a particular person.

3. Start a relationship with a Dominican girl and meet her in real life

Once you meet a Dominican bride and ensure she may be the one, go to meet her in the Dominican Republic or another third country.

That will allow you not only to understand if you really have a future together but will also help you get married if you both decide that you are ready for family life.

4. Help your Dominican girlfriend get a visa and get married

You can choose between two options:

  • Get married in the Dominican Republic
  • Get married in the US

In the first case, you need to find appropriate Dominican government offices, provide the necessary documents, from a divorce certificate to a passport, and prove that your relationship is real.

Then, you’ll get your marriage certificate.

Most men marrying a Dominican woman, however, prefer to have a marriage ceremony and then stay in the US.

In this case, a Dominican girl needs to apply for a K-1 visa, and you’ll also need to prove that your relationship is real and that you’ve met in real life.

Marrying a Dominican in the US is much simpler than ever before.

Yes, a man can’t order a Dominican girl and marry her without a meeting, but the system that we have now helps build healthy relationships that will actually last.

There are options to choose from: you can go to the country, meet Dominican wives IRL and then start planning a wedding ceremony after visiting the Dominican government office, or meet Dominican women online and then marry in the US.

It’s just about developing a strategy that will work best for you personally.



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