Things to Know Before Marrying a Japanese Woman

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A lot of men dream of having a Japanese wife, but is it actually a good idea?

And if it is, how to do everything right and not screw up when dating Japanese women?

Here, you’ll find all the information you need: dating tips, useful guides, and interesting facts about marrying women from this country.

5 Interesting Facts about Marrying a Japanese Woman

1. Many Japanese women tend to stay single.

Well, it’s not only about their women, this can be applied to both ladies and gentlemen living in Japan.

Thus, the proportion of women aged 18–24 who are single right now is around 65.6% which is very high but not extremely high — for instance, in the US, the proportion is 62.6%.

The situation changes when it comes to the ladies in their late 30s. Thus, 24.4% of Japanese women aged 35 to 39 stay single while in the United States, it’s only 16.6%.

What’s more, more than one-third of young Japanese ladies (37.4%) are not interested in a relationship at all, which is an incredibly high result and a good indicator of a relationship crisis in Japan.

2. However, Japanese women are generally much more interested in marriage and serious relationship than Japanese men.

Thus, 20% of Japanese girls in their 20s are married, while for men of the same age category, it’s only 13.6%.

3. Japanese women get married later than other Asian ladies

An average first-time Japanese bride is 29.4 years old.

Even American ladies get married earlier (28.6 years old).

However, the gap is not that big — there are lots of countries, especially in Europe, where women get married even later in their 30s.

4. Japanese wives don’t want too many children.

The fertility rate in this country is only 1.34 children per 1 woman which is one of the lowest rates in Asia (only Korean and Chinese women have fewer children).

In the United States, for a better understanding, this rate is 1.64.

5. International marriages are pretty popular in this country.

Although international marriage popularity is slowly decreasing (from 5.6% to 3.2% in 6 years), Japan remains one of the top Asian countries regarding the number of mail order brides who married American men with 541 K-1 visa holders in 2019.

The reasons may be different: some of them are searching for a foreign partner because they think foreigners will treat them better, some Japanese people just love Western culture and want to leave their home country, etc.

But the fact remains that Japan is one of the most popular countries in the region regarding international relationships.

Pros & Cons of marrying a Japanese woman

Are Japanese girls perfect?

Well, no. Like all the other people from all the other countries, they have their own strengths and weaknesses.

Let’s be more detailed on this.

The pros of marrying a Japanese woman:

  • Japanese women are calm and non-confrontational.

Being confrontational and blunt is inappropriate in their culture because of historical reasons (it’s a small island nation where people had no choice but to get along with their neighbors in the past).

  • They are more traditional than Western women regarding family roles.

A Japanese woman is expected to be good at cooking, to be in charge of the housework, etc.

It’s not that they are extremely passive or obedient, of course, but when it comes to family roles, Japanese women are pretty conservative.

  • They are supportive and respectful.

Their culture is all about being respectful, so your wife will most likely treat you with so much respect it’s impossible to imagine in a Western family.

Your Japanese wife will be polite, kind, and she’ll always be on your side no matter what.

  • Japanese women are incredibly beautiful.

It’s not just about the natural beauty of Japanese girls — they are also very fit, they know everything about healthy food, and they typically look younger than their age.

The cons of marrying a Japanese woman:

  • They are not as passive or subservient as one may expect.

What’s more, sometimes, they are described as manipulative and controlling (but this can’t be applied to all Japanese women, obviously).

  • There’s a lack of intimacy in some Japanese couples.

Due to a 2010 survey, around 40% of marriages in Japan were “sexless” because of various reasons.

Again, this can’t be said about all the ladies from Japan, and it’s caused by various factors, most of which are Japanese national problems.

We’re talking about ridiculous amounts of work, Japanese social relations, and lack of intimacy (they don’t even hold hands in public).

  • The language barrier can be a serious problem.

That’s why learning Japanese may be a great idea — we can’t say that you should speak Japanese fluently because this language is incredibly difficult for a native English speaker to learn, but your effort will definitely be rewarded in the long run.

Process of marrying a Japanese woman

If you want to meet Japanese women online, you’ve come to the right place — here, you’ll find a short step by step guide on meeting a Japanese girlfriend and getting her to the United States.

It will provide insights into how this process should look from beginning to end.

1. Find a trusted dating website with Asian women

To find real Japanese girlfriends, the site you’re using must be real and trustworthy.

The profiles must be real (ID-verified in an ideal world), and the reputation of this site must be decent and transparent.

Read all the reviews carefully and test the sites and the profiles yourself.

2. Create a profile that would attract Japanese girls

The quality of your profile is exactly what makes the first impression.

Upload your best photos, write a catchy profile description, and buy a premium subscription to make your dating profile stand out from the crowd.

3. Utilize the welcome bonus on a dating site

Most dating sites for Western men and Japanese women offer free credits or discounts for new members.

Utilizing all these bonuses would help you save money and test the sites for free.

4. Start chatting with Japanese ladies and use all the communication tools available

It’s not only about live chat. The sites like LatinWomenLove and LatAmDate, for example, offer a video chat and a voice call feature.

These advanced communication tools are just perfect for a long-distance relationship with a Japanese woman.

5. Show respect

Their dating culture is built around mutual respect and politeness, so you should be polite and courteous to her, her family, the waiter in a restaurant, and to everyone around you.

It’s about all the facets of respect, not just about being polite — for instance, being late is considered disrespectful and rude in Japan, so being late on a date is certainly a bad idea.

6. Marry your partner and bring your Japanese wife to the United States

If you marry a Japanese woman in her country, she will be able to enter the US through a CR-1 visa.

You can also make it through a K-1 visa — in this case, you’ll have to marry her in the US after she gets the visa.

Marrying a Japanese (the K-1 visa route) is faster by 2–3 months and cheaper, but those who choose a CR-1 visa route get their green card faster because, in this case, the marriage partner won’t need to wait for the adjustment of status process.

Marrying a Japanese woman is certainly a great idea.

Japanese girls are incredibly beautiful and loyal, they are pretty traditional when it comes to their views on family values and roles, and they are very educated, intelligent, and interesting to talk to.

If you’re truly interested in Japanese ladies, I personally recommend trying at least some of the sites on this page.

They all are tested, trustworthy, reputable, and they all have tens of thousands of real Japanese women.



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