I Stole the Rosary from The Catholics

October is the Month of the Rosary of the Blessed Virgin Mary

rosary and image by the author

Thankfully for me, the rosary doesn’t care if I’m Catholic or not — and neither does Mother Mary.

The lingo (the language of what things are called) of the rosary

Christianity is full of holy mysteries, and the rosary has us contemplate some of these mysteries in prayer.

The Joyful Mysteries — prayed on Monday and Saturday

The Luminous Mysteries — prayed on Thursday

The Sorrowful Mysteries — prayed on Tuesday and Friday

The Glorious Mysteries — prayed on Sunday and Wednesday

Let us pray.



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MaryClare StFrancis, M.A.

She/her. I write memoirs, feature articles, essays, poetry, and more. I aim to humanize troubled people through my own stories. bio.link/maryclare