Ega’s Journal — Week 7

This is the 7th post for my journal. you can see all of my post titled ”Ega’s Journal here:

Recess Time

After helping the team to do Sprint Review with our mentor Mr. Salman and do Sprint Retrospective, we finished our first sprint. Then because of the midterm test’s week the team agreed to have a recess until the midterm test end and will start preparing for the second sprint on April 11th.

What I Have Done

Because of midterm test I’ve done nothing much other than fixing the mock up of Admin page that can be seen below:

This page is for the admin so that he/she can see the statistic about things related to the API and also the Quotes. and the admin can do crawling with a simple click of a button that is for now look like a media button where you push play to start crawling, and click stop to end crawling, and if available pause/unpause crawling by clicking the pause button. the admin can also configure the crawler by clicking the gear button on the upper-right corner of the crawler window.

What’s Next?

Learn more about Laravel and finalize mockup to prepare for the second sprint.


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