Ega’s Journal — Week 8

This is the 8th post of my journal.

What I Have Done

After Sprint Planning, i took some tasks for our second sprint that is: creating template for the views, and then creating the view for the landing page, term of use page, and the login page.

for now i have done creating the view for the landing page, and will use it to create the template for other views using blade from Laravel.

You can see the landing page that i hosted at here:

I’am using bootstrap for the style so the site is responsive with grid class.

What’s Next

i’m hoping to finish the task later in the week, but because of health issues there might be some delay hopefully i can finish it before the deadline. The task left to do is: creating the template for the views, creating term of use page, and login page. and also updating and polishing the view that have been created.

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