Hackyo’s Update — Week 8

What Have I Done?

Done Creating API

The hardest part is that deploying MongoDB takes much time :(. (testing whether it works or not).

Anyway here’s the code that I use to code the API:

And of course, I set the routes.php on our laravel so It can connect to this controller

First I tested by randoming only by one quote, now it can do random with the input request.

So by inputting this URL:


You can get the quote by {jumlah}

And also by inputting this


You can get the quote by {jumlah} by {author}

And also by inputting this


You can get the quote by {jumlah} by {source website}

The problem that I encountered when I code this part is the efficiency of calling the database. Before, I called all the collection over and over so that it will become inefficient. After that I refactor my code so that It will become more efficient.


10 hours(Testing my API and refactoring my own code takes time)

Write this blog takes 1 hours

— — -


Sorry, I am sleepy right now..

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