Impactual living

Impacts are moments where your life falls into meaning, or decisions that create an impact on how you live your life. Generally that’s what we think about when impactual living comes up in conversation. I’m going to shatter this view and make it more valuable for you.

I believe impactual living is living a life of value to you, and others around you. Its not the moment your life falls apart, or the moment you feel like a meteor shattered everything around you. Living with impact is about hope, and minimalism.

The theory of living

We are alive. We are breathing. We can think, shape, and hold conversations with one another. Everyone that can read this knows they are living and our only problem is not living in its essence. But in how our lives impact others.

The theory of living is relative to the idea that our life must affect others in some way. You don’t go to the store and buy groceries just for you when you have a house of three others to feed. No. You make sure that you can feed all of them because their lives have an impact on your own.

Living is something all animals do in life. We watch our cats eat, sleep, and play with us but we can never truly understand what they are thinking. What they think is formed on our basic knowledge of animals in the first place. We all survive would be a better word to use. Some of us fair better than others.

Living is the desire to have a life. People fall into depression and take their own life when the cost of living has taken too much from them.

The theory of impactual living

Impacts in life are in the form of unforgettable moments good or bad. We can hand a person a dollar and not remember about in a week. But the person with the dollar will remember your tone, voice, and name all in the sake of your act of kindness.

A person who teases us as a child is another form of impact but it is in the form of negativity. We face many memorable moments that shape our view or values about living. But here is a theory that will shape you into thinking not in a positive way but more about actions.

1. Every action has a result

When you step out on the stage to sing for the first time with your voice caught in your throat, and fear eating at you. You are on the state of America’s Got Talent and your family gave everything for you to be there. It is in this moment that you will either choke in fear or rise above the masses. Either way you made an action and you are expected to full fill it. If you get chosen to continue onto the next round your result would be positive but the positive result is not Guaranteed.

2. Doing something good for someone does not always mean they will return the favor

Reality is a hard game to play. You give something to someone but they don’t return the reward and now you are mad. You went into this with the wrong mind set. No one is obligated to return anything back to you but if they do its out of kindness.

Our society created an overlapping reward system from the second we started grade school. If you do this you get good grades, and you get cookies when you get home. Thus when we get older and buy someone coffee we expect the same in return. I think that’s a load of bull-crap. I bought coffee for a vet once and I never asked for anything in return, nor did he do anything in return. Its this fatal flaw that we do things for rewards and not the impact or memory of the moment.

Thus I have two points to make here. You want an impactual living start doing things for the benefit of the memory, or moment and less for the rewards. Conquer some fears, write some stories, and read a little. Just don’t make a negative impact on a person’s memory.

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