Remain true to you

I’ve been binging a lot of motivational videos lately. You know the kind that boost your morale and tell you can do anything by working harder, or gaining more faith in you. These videos have helped me spark a desire to really bust down and lock myself away with my writing.

I am true to me. True to me in the idea that I don’t bend down to other people’s wills or whims. I won’t dress a certain way unless the occasion is special or its a work uniform. I’m an introvert tending to myself by reading, and slaving away at my craft because without writing I would be nothing. I’d be a starving alley cat with no way to find food for years. Lost.

“At the age of five I was already watching Daddy sucking up snow in his nose like a deer desperate to find water.” — We are the gray

What motivational videos do for me

They help me get up for the next day even when my body is fully resisting me. Its part of my morning cup of joe routine. Make coffee and drink up some motivation to start up my day. I don’t go out and party and waste my time sipping on drinks and talking about needless things. Its a time waster. I have goals, I have aspirations, and if I wait for a second to get them done than I would never get there.

Its a tragedy that people just settle for whatever they get.

I don’t want to see pictures of the food your eating, or the parties your going to. I want to see the photos of your success. By that I mean I want to see you doing what you love to do. Excuses and parties are the end of humanity. Its easy to be satisfied with what you have because you become lazy. Its a lack of consistency.

You want a better pay check but you keep taking early outs?

How does that make sense? You should want to work harder, you should stay at work longer, and you should not stop. Stopping ends us. Stopping makes us dead. I believe I can do more than I already am. Average is an epidemic around here. People stuck in their cell phones, and job security makes us far too comfortable.

I’m writing this post and doing chores at the same time because I am committed to my words. If I wasn’t committed to my words I wouldn’t be here doing what I love. I won’t stop even if all I do is fail at writing. I need hard work to understand that knowledge is power, and we need to use our brain to make us who we are. Everything we do requires hard work.

I won’t back down

I believe in my writing. I will continue to chip away at stories, moments, and emotions that bring people together until my hands bleed dry. Money? What is money but the thing that makes sure we can survive? My dream is equivalent to that.

If you won’t die for it — its not worth it

I would die for my writing, and I am willing to accept that. Poe had it right when he said

“Literature is the most noble of professions. In fact, it is about the only one fit for a man. For my own part, there is no seducing me from the path.”
EDGAR ALLAN POE, letter to Frederick W. Thomas, Feb. 14, 1849

If you can stray from your path than you are not on the right one

I can’t stray from this path. Don’t wait. You can’t make more time, and you can’t reverse it. The problem with our society is that we are so quick to be average, and not to leap out of conformity. Its scary to say I want that. Its scary to say I don’t want that promotion because it means leaving everything you know. People pressure us. I am one to see it. The people who stand out talking about what they want, what things they want to buy, but they aren’t doing the work.

If you want more become consistent with working harder.

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