Walking Alone 101

Conformism is encouraged and rewarded by our society to reinforce the status quo. But it is the non-conformists that burn bright, lighting the way ahead. Just being another face in the crowd discourages the evolution of revolutionary thinking. It limits the mind and it’s creative flow because the splendor of our own thought process gets buried deep below the superficial layers of constant preoccupation that our mental faculties are engaged in — preoccupation with the judgement that others dole out.

Being on the constant lookout for social attention and validation, deprives yourself of YOU.

It is like living a life that is borrowed — repeating what others are saying is borrowed voice, believing what other tell you about the world without self examination is borrowed knowledge, living a life that others approve of is a borrowed life.

Walking your own path doesn’t mean living alone, shunning the society.

It doesn’t mean to only live for yourself on your own path. I
It means that you should have the courage and fortitude to stand on your own two feet and continue, even if (and when!) the people accompanying you suddenly or eventually leave, stranding you.

What nobody tells you is that amidst all associations, you are always alone anyway.

We are all alone.

Even when we are doing things with someone you love — we are alone in the experience.

People who do not realize this, expect being with someone will help them be happy . They are looking for happiness in a place where it cannot be found — in the embodiment of another person.

Happiness can only be found in our own minds.

We are all walking alone.

We will all die alone. Even if you are surrounded by people who love you — it is YOU who is dying. And that is a singularly personal experience and no one can accompany you.

Muster the courage to walk alone by inculcating the following traits:

  • Be One with Yourself
    Stop aligning yourself to the herd, which we are programmed to do. Seek and love your own company, be your own guide and mentor. Let go of the need to please people. Experience the person you are, by not running away from you. Know yourself before you wish to known another and be known by another.
  • Grow with Experiences
    Life hands you all sorts of situation. Every situation demands appropriate reaction. No amount of advice can teach you how to react. Experience everything.
Accept the things you cannot change. Have the courage to change the things you can and have the wisdom to know the difference.
  • Feel Emotions Deeply
    Emotions are our reactions to the world. In order to react, we need to feel. The ability to feel something, positive or negative, is a boon. Experiencing happiness brews a gratitude to the things that matter in life. Experiencing intense pain enables you to experience the ecstasy of life.The degree to which you are willing to experience any given feeling is exactly proportional to the degree to which you will experience all other feelings.
  • Let Go of Regrets
    All of us feel regretful at different points in our lives, especially after making a “bad” decision. There are certain situations we wish we could rewind (or delete). Regretting any of your decisions is meaningless because every wrong decision gives you the opportunity to learn, grow and create your own life. Besides, what’s done is done.
  • Cut Loose the Unnecessary
    If there are things in your life that you find yourself too emotionally attached to or things that are getting in the way of your own personal growth, just let them go. Clinging on to anything is simply not attractive. It is natural for things to come in and go out of our lives, and the lesson is to trust when it’s time to let some things go.
  • Don’t Give a Fuck
    Learn to say Fuck It often. Saying Fuck It can lead to liberation of the self — liberation from the shackles of expectations, imposed rules and judgemental opinions of others. The key to your happiness is in your own hands, minds rather. Choose things that make you happy and be indifferent to the things that don’t. You can find a full blown account here.

Don’t be afraid to be alone. 
Don’t be afraid to think alone. 
Don’t be afraid to act alone.

Don’t be afraid to walk alone, for the passion in your heart lights your path to freedom.

I walk a lonely road. The only one that I have ever known Don’t know where it goes But it’s home to me and I walk alone.