A Laggard’s Diary or; I Just Discovered Podcasts

On that very famous curve that illustrates innovation and it’s adoption I know exactly where I sit and sadly my label starts with L. Indeed, I am a laggard.

For all my attempts at “being up with the kids” and “knowing a thing or two about digital”, some things just pass by me — and the rock under which I’m buried. I remember my scornful derision of the iPod. I recall my bloody-minded resistance to the idea of the quantified self and, til recently, I had not heard one note of Taylor Swift’s delightful pop.

It’s different now of course as I walk down the streets tracking my every step via my Fitbit One, iPhone 6 + grafted to my hand, shaking it off to Tay-Tay’s latest hit. With all this in mind, I’d still say I’m a classic laggard, and this has been most recently demonstrated by a late but all-encompassing enthusiasm for the intimate charms of the podcast.

What a delightful invention! Perfect for my restless mind and an excellent accompaniment to my 10,000 step regime. One minute I’m deep in an exploration of the work of Ovid, the next I’m picking up some tips on investing and after that I’m listening to hilarious reviews of bad movies. It’s right up my alley and in the interest of sharing here are my top five podcasts du jour.

Chat 10 Looks 3: If Australian media legends Annabel Crabb and Leigh Sales have room for a 3rd voice in this funny exploration of cakes, Canberra, Broadway, books, books and more books, I’d be more than happy to jump on in. I love this for all the tantalising snippets of Australian media and politics delivered by two excellent humans.

Emperors of Rome: Host Matt Smith explores the machinations of Ancient Roman politics with special guests in these snappy 15–20-minute shows. Great listening for history buffs and I love that it is Australian and features local academics.

Stuff You Should Know: How do blood types work? What’s with bees? All the questions you have about stuff is answered in these conversational podcasts exploring singular topics. Josh and Chuck have a very relaxed delivery that only adds to a pleasurable listening experience.

Pop Culture Happy Hour: I’m always thrilled to see a new episode of this pop up in my feed. The roundtable explores the latest movie, TV, music and books and engage in insightful discussions about the themes raised by these new creative works.

The Superheroes of Marketing: There are loads of marketing podcasts but this one appeals to me as each episode explores a tool or issue with lots of practical advice and ideas to be incorporated into marketing planning. A handy resource for my work.

I’ve no doubt there some on here that have been shared widely and perhaps there are better podcasts available in the same genre. If you feel like sharing your favourites, please do. New voices mean more steps keeping me and my pesky Fitbit companion happy.

About the Author

I’m a PR and Marketing professional with 12 years experience. I love art, music, clever ideas and the internet as a centre for community and creative commerce.

Originally published at www.linkedin.com.

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