Announcing Angelcube 2015

We are really excited to announce the Angelcube 2015 teams

The intake will receive $40,000 seed funding, 3 months of free coworking space at Inspire9 plus coaching from a broad selection of mentors and investors. The startups will also take part in series of demonstration days to investors in New York, San Francisco and Melbourne.

So let’s check out the teams

Coincraft, a project management cash flow product aimed at architects, engineers and large agencies.

CurveUp: A tool to automate PR campaign reporting and measure ROI. A smart standing desk that moves according to algorithms optimises for an individual's health.

Peer Academy: Peer-driven learning in small groups that has received rave reviews from students and has achieved rapid adoption from corporate clients keen on providing engaging, effective advancement for their employees.

SweetHawk: ‘Skype for websites’. The first implementation of SweetHawk allows users to call providers without leaving the website — great for listing sites and marketplaces. Artificial intelligence for social media.

All six startups will take part in a community demonstration day for the Melbourne startup ecosystem on August 25th, tickets are available here.