Our Culture of Coworking: Resident Survey ‘15

In July 2015, Inspire9 conducted a resident survey to measure how successful we have been in building an inspired and positive community.

We conducted the survey in partnership with Culture Amp, a long-term resident of the Inspire9 community. Here is what we found out.

At Inspire9, we believe that resident personal growth and community connections lead to more a successful and sustainable startup ecosystem. At Inspire9 we do this by providing the physical and digital spaces for members of our global entrepreneurial and creative community to connect and collaborate.

We asked residents how coworking at Inspire9 has positively affected their lives. We got some heartwarming responses, check out the highlight reel.

We are really excited about these survey results and feel that they demonstrate the strength of our community-led coworking space and our belief that resident personal growth and community connection is the key to entrepreneurial success. We are looking forward to a fantastic year ahead for our residents and feel honoured that we are part of shaping the success of Australia’s startup ecosystem. See more survey results here.