Sun-Gazing: Explore and Empower Yourself with the Healing Powers of the Sun

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History of Sun-gazing

‘In the year 1962 Mother Mira of Pondicherry Ashram in India suggested to HRM (Hira Raten Manek) that it was time to bring sun-gazing to the modern world. HRM then read widely and deeply for thirty long years on the sun-gazing practices of ancient times, which were once common all over the world with almost all cultures and religions. Over a three year period of continual and intense experimentation on himself, he successfully established a safe sun-gazing practice which he is now preaching and teaching to humanity in dozens of countries worldwide. This method is now accepted as a popular health practice known as the phenomenon of HRM sun-gazing.’

After spending 2 weeks at a Co-living house in Lisbon, I picked up this winning habit from my time there: Sun-gazing every morning. If you already have a morning routine then this little habit will work wonders if you can slot it in every morning at sunrise. And if you don’t have a morning routine then check out The Morning Miracle on

or Benjamin Hardy’s Post to give you an intro on how to create your own morning practice.

‘We have a super computer in our bodies given to us by the nature, which is our brain. HRM calls it the “brainutor”. The brain is more powerful than the most advanced super computer. Each and every human being is gifted with innumerable talents, and infinite inherent powers by nature. Individuals should never underestimate themselves. Everyone is gifted. If we make use of these powers we can take ourselves to great levels…’

‘If we can activate the human brain and awaken these infinite powers inherent in ourselves then we can raise ourselves to higher levels. We can achieve any results we want..Sun energy is the source that powers the brain, which can enter and leave the human body or the brain only through one organ that is the human eye’

My first experience of sun-gazing was with one of the hosts in the Co-living house (Michael John), who introduced me to the practice and showed me how to sun-gaze safely. The best time to stare directly at the sun is during sunrise since the rays aren’t as strong. and it sets your cycle up for the day.

The safe hours are anytime within the 1-hour window after sunrise or anytime within the 1-hr window before sunset. It is scientifically proven beyond a reasonable doubt that during these times, one is free from UV and IR rays exposure”

And after that, every morning, we had a small group of us from the house, who would wake up around sunrise and walk up the hill to get an epic view of the sun rising, then stand or sit barefoot on the earth and gaze at the sun for 10–20 minutes (or longer).

How to Practice Safe Sun-gazing

  • Practice it in the morning, within an hour of sunrise or/and sunset (it’s safer when the sun is closest to the earth)
  • Stand barefoot on the ground. If you can’t see the sun from the ground then a balcony or rooftop will work.
  • Remove contacts or glasses and don’t sun-gaze through windows.
  • Look directly at the sun for 10 seconds and build up to 30 minutes a day (we started with 5 minutes, which is a pretty safe starting point for most)
  • If the sun feels too bright, you can squint, gaze around the sun or raise your hands and make a triangle and hold it up against the sun. Then just stare at or around the sun, through the gap between your hands.
  • On cloudy days, gaze at the position where the sun is behind the clouds
  • Set your intentions into the sun as part of your daily meditation practice.
  • ‘Also visualise the light going into the front of your chakras, all your trillions of cells, your organs, into the centre of your brain especially to the parts where you have any pain’ ()
  • After finishing the practice, I usually end with some outdoor yoga and movement

“The theory is that the sun is the force of all life, and staring at it can infuse the body with large amounts of energy. This is a straight-forward yet effective method based on solar energy, which enables us to harmonise and recharge the body with life energy and also invoke the unlimited powers of the mind very easily.

The HRM phenomenon is in fact a rediscovery of a scientific ritual, which was used to heal physical, mental, emotional and spiritual diseases in ancient times. Ancient Indians called this practice Surya Namaskar, where ancient Egyptians and Americans called it Heliotherapy and Europeans called it Apollo therapy…Traditionally, human beings eat secondary sources of energy as the plants and other vegetation depends heavily on the sun for their growth, simply put, the idea here is to learn how to absorb energy from the primary source, that is, the sun itself.”

You may notice you’re much happier when you’re in places where the sun is more abundant but ‘it is only through the eyes that the light from the sun reaches the brain and creates beneficial effects in the brain’. This is why the practice involves opening your eyes (and your mind) while staring at the sun.

‘There is a scientific explanation of what may be occurring during the exercise of this method. Since the brain is a powerful recipient and the retina and the pineal gland (third eye) being equipped with photoreceptor cells, a kind of photo analysis could be taking place during the Surya Namaskar, which provides a person with all kinds of energy and vitamins that are required for the proper functioning of his internal organs.’

The Benefits from Sun-gazing

  • Increased Energy Levels
  • Some are able to subsist more and more on light as they expand their practice of sun-gazing, without eating regular food and/or no food.
  • Increased eye strength and health
  • Lessening of stress
  • Increased strength of your Immune System
  • Alleviation of multiple physical ailments so common in our modern day world.
  • Increased awareness and clearer thinking
  • Results from Wish Fulfilment (While gazing at the sun, you focus on inner desire and needs, and have these things come into your life)

After just 2 weeks, I noticed the following changes:

  • I had more energy throughout the day and didn’t need as much sleep
  • Positive emotions
  • Reduced appetite, which made Intermittent Fasting fasting much easier
  • Increased eye strength

Should You Try Sun-gazing?

If you enjoy watching sunrises and sunsets then you’ll probably enjoy this practice ;)

But for more information on the benefits and to simply do your own research on the topic, check out the following sources:
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