Photography by Moose Azim

Savour the moments in-between.

Being curious and enjoying the process.

Michael Townsend Williams
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2 min readOct 14, 2017


Every month on the BreatheSync Instagram feed we feature an artist that is close to our heart. Afterwards we ask them some questions and share their responses unedited here. Please meet my friend and photographer, Moose Azim.

Why did you agree to the collaboration?

I felt really honoured to be asked to collaborate with BreatheSync because I love that you are encouraging us to all stop and take notice — which is something I have to constantly remind myself to do — so thank you for that!

How did you approach it?

I chose images that were about savouring the special little moments that are in-between where we think we are going. I love those times, they are around us but we don’t seem to notice them unless we let our minds stop the chitter chatter for a second.

How does your relationship with breathing affect your creative work?

When I first started shooting long before the digital and high ISO age, I used to hold my breath to take a picture at a slow shutter speed, but I don’t think that counts in this context or maybe it does. Back then I was less conscious of my breathing but now I do check-in and use it to ground me.

Do you have any favourite images that were featured and why?

Any of the images with swimming pools or seas in them have a special place in my heart, they remind me of the lovely feeling you get when swimming your first length underwater. All my senses are alive at that time, I especially love that sound you only hear underwater.

Any advice for budding photographers or creatives?

In my mind everyone is creative, I’d say “always be budding”, it’s an ongoing trip, only that the landscape changes. Be curious, enjoy the process rather than looking for the final outcome. Be friends with your Creativity.

Thank you Moose. If you are inspired to breathe the world better with words and images, please get in touch.