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Social good, Artificial Intelligence, Software Development…
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In this post we will go through one of my favorite techniques for building intelligent systems — causal thinking and modeling. Thinking in terms of cause and effect comes in very handy when trying to model the world and tease out answers from the model itself. Perhaps more importantly, it allows me to communicate seamlessly with domain experts and the rest of our team.

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Natural Language Processing, better known by its acronym NLP, is taking the world by storm. After the major strides taken by researchers all over the world in the field of Computer Vision, lessons learnt are now being transferred over to the field of NLP and quickly ushering a language and automation revolution. In this article we will talk about how you can do emotion and sentiment analysis using the new (currently invite only Alpha) Nena API endpoints.

How we are using AI to help healthcare providers make better clinical decisions in Tanzania.

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AI in Healthcare (A Brief Overview)

Technologies that utilize Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are transforming healthcare. These technologies allow us to generate unprecedented advancements in disease detection, cancer diagnosis and treatment, radiology, epidemic outbreaks, patient triage, and personalized healthcare. Companies like SkinVision, for example, are using image recognition to detect early signs of skin cancer growth and track patient risk over time. IBM, through Watson for Genomics and Watson for Oncology, is integrating machine learning and healthcare in an attempt to develop better diagnostics and treatments for patients with cancer…

Dr. Elsa team on stage after the announcement of the final winner for #thebotnarchallenge!

There’s no doubt that the Sahara Sparks 2018 + AfriLabs Annual Gathering 2018 generates buzz and excitement — it’s the largest innovation and technology entrepreneurship event in Africa. The event, hosted annually in Dar es Salaam, is an opportunity for innovators, tech enthusiasts, startups, and thought leaders to come together and talk about the ways we can use technology to positively impact the world we live in. …

I tried out PyTorch after hearing all hype surrounding the framework and I have never looked back!
Coming from a Tensorflow background, the simplicity of PyTorch was so very alien and surely it couldn’t be this easy. I assure you though, it is!

f(x) = y = 8x² + 4x — 3 :

This post aims to get our feet wet in PyTorch. To install PyTorch follow the instructions on the website

PyTorch is awesome!
- Abraham Lincoln

Introduction to PyTorch:


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