3 Digital Tools to Boost Engagement in High School Math Instruction

Resources to Foster an Enthusiasm for Learning

Technology opens so many doors for educators, students, and content developers: it provides us with the opportunity to re-think the way we present information to students, the way we ask them to do their own exploration, and the way we assess their learning. As a large-scale community of teachers and learners, we have truly only scratched the surface of potential educational innovation through technology. So far, we’ve seen good results, both in how much students are learning through technology and in how excited they are to learn. Students love the independence, interactivity, ownership, and creativity that come from digital learning. As we move forward into the new year, consider the ways you can use technology to boost student engagement. (Math teachers, this one’s for you!) Here are three dynamic digital tools to get you started, available within the © 2018 Glencoe High School Math Series:

The Geometer’s Sketchpad®

Tech-enhanced learning starts with interactive tools like The Geometer’s Sketchpad®. This digital tool builds upon foundational mathematical concepts by encouraging students to independently explore and discover alongside lessons. Through experimentation with dynamic model manipulation of lines, shapes, and linear functions, students can begin to construct comprehensive and concrete understandings of abstract concepts, and implement new-found problem solving skills on assessments.


eLessons is a highly visual tool that features animations to help students visualize difficult math concepts. eLessons is dynamic — it can function as an interactive stand-alone program or as a supplemental tool when teachers need an extra boost of varied instruction. eLessons encourages students to think independently and collaborate with their peers.

BrainPOP ®

BrainPOP® uses animated games and videos to explain math concepts. Use BrainPOP® to augment instruction for the entire class, or to provide individual students with additional support.

Sample the new ©2018 Glencoe High School Math Series with updated programs for Algebra 1, Geometry, and Algebra 2. Learn about all of the engaging, online resources available to support foundational math skills.To discover more about the © 2018 Glencoe High School Math Series, visit:

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